Lowestoft Band at Broadlands


Broadlands Care Home is an imposing Edwardian house set in three acres of beautiful grounds leading right onto the waterfront of the Broads. Many of the rooms have outstanding views and there is a choice of comfortable lounges for use by the residents. It was in one of these lounges that one of the Lowestoft PBCC bands gave a rousing musical performance on Saturday 1st February.

Plymouth Brethren Band

Serving Sponge Cake to the residents

Good old favourites such as Cottonfields and Hello Mary Lou had the residents tapping their feet in time, and the canteen staff were spotted singing along enthusiastically! There were several hymns played to which the residents sang along with, and were requesting songs such as The Old Rugged Cross, and How Great Thou Art. They spoke of the attractiveness of seeing young persons singing the hymns and were thrilled that they had spared the time to come and give them a bit of uplift to their daily routine!

Plymouth Brethren - Band

The band in session.

After the music had finished, young brethren girls took round cakes that they’d brought in for the residents, which was devoured eagerly. The residents were glad of the opportunity to chat and ask about the brethren, and their churches, and the young brethren enjoyed the experience, – it was well worth all the practising!

Plymouth Brethren band

Residents listening to the music.

The Care home events manager was really pleased with this event, and invited the PBCC back to perform, possibly outside in the grounds during the summer months which everyone is looking forward to!

Plymouth Brethren Band

Chatting to the residents

Plymouth Brethren Band

The noticeboard in the hallway

Plymouth Brethren Band

Residents singing along to the hymns.


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  1. H4Z3L. says:

    Hey i really like the last song .. ‘The day i fly-or die,’ umm could you put the whole song on here?

  2. Belfastie says:

    May i ask who everyone is???
    I know 1 of you because i saw him the other day

    1. Engaaander says:

      Whose they guy on the drums??

    2. A45 says:

      The little guy on the drums??..thats good ole Edwyn H!!!

  3. Scout says:

    Glad there is a vid….the music sounds good…..cool stuff!!

  4. Gran Party says:

    Nice Singing.NiceBands

  5. KRG says:

    Great ! Keep going and Can you Come over in F…..to show us you talents???

  6. yo dude says:

    thanx leni!!!

  7. Agatha says:

    fantastic… have they ever done this in Cambridge??? thats were I live.

    1. Fishoook.d says:

      I think they may have done it before – I don’t know….

  8. Ron says:

    Yes , That was great and very good testimony.
    I do trust that a true Christ centred gospel is preached.

  9. JBM says:

    Great job boys! keep up the good work.
    from Canada!…………….Guess who!

  10. TomDickorHarry says:

    hey orrrsum you lot… keep it up πŸ™‚

  11. :) says:

    Sounds great – can we hear all of it? πŸ™‚

  12. Fran Wyman says:

    We are very impressed! This is great! This is so commendable for young persons to be setting themselves to think of others and spread the Gospel!

  13. frankie says:

    Nice playing…

  14. gop05 says:

    Who are the 5 that are playing?
    Good singing anyway!

  15. Blue Cheese says:

    Next time you could play ‘Does your Mother know you’re out’ !

    1. brie cheese says:

      haha..or some 1D!!

  16. dunce says:

    wicked 1 edwyn

  17. RIC H says:

    Sweet bit of drumming there cuz!!!

    1. G.B says:

      keep it up

  18. picked plum says:

    G8 voices!? πŸ˜‰
    Hey next time you go, turn on the lights!! Then we would be able to see you better!!… or was that intentional??

    1. ... says:

      Probably something to do with the camera.
      Great music anyhow. Who chose the songs?

  19. Maj-sa says:

    nice voices…

  20. A Supporter says:

    Nice one – keep it up!!

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