“The Principle of Separation” – A Member Comments…

Brethren believe that separation is a principle emphasised right through the Holy Bible and we observe that it has been historically practised by all peoples, nations and religions in some form or other for many millennia. From the first page of the Bible when God divided between light and darkness (Genesis Ch1:4) through to the […]

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Spreading the Gospel Message – far and wide!

50,000 Gospel tracts! With over two million shoppers expected to hit Oxford Street in London on Boxing Day, younger members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church thought it was an ideal time and location for the Gospel Message to be spread far and wide. Over fifty Church members, (mostly young people between the ages of 16 […]

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Care for the elderly

Care of the aged and infirm is inherent in the Christian ethos.  Hospitals, hospices and government health care are some of the benefits of a Christian country. As do many families wherever possible Plymouth Brethren prefer to keep elderly people in their own homes as this helps maintain independence and dignity whilst saving public money […]

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Brethren Family Businesses

A high proportion of Plymouth Brethren members operate family businesses. They recognise and follow through on their responsibility to provide for their families financially by earning an honest living. This also allows them to serve the community by communicating with and distributing to those in need, as well as contributing to the Church. Members’ businesses […]

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Out and about Preaching in the Open Air

Preaching in the Open Air Unusual, curious, out of date? But every weekday at over 300 locations throughout the UK, you’ll find the Plymouth Brethren with their Bibles talking to passers-by and distributing gospel leaflets. Why do they do it? And even quite young people not embarrassed to tell people what they believe! Firstly, they […]

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