The Tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut who have so tragically lost their loved ones. The scale and brutality of this tragedy defy belief and we extend our deepest sympathies to all affected. It is but a small contribution we can […]

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Rapid Response Team assist in West Country area

The Rapid Response Team assist the local authorities and services in the West Country area: filling thousands of sandbags with many tonnes of sand; distributing sandbags to protect resident’s homes; rescuing stranded drivers; providing hot food and drinks for the emergency services and residents flooded out of their homes.

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Why does the Church prefer the name “Plymouth Brethren Christian Church”?

Q. It appears from your new website  that you’re now adopting the name of Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, why is this? A. We believe our historic name, Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, dating back to the early nineteenth century best articulates our relationship with the broader community and provides a consistent designation worldwide. The name Exclusive Brethren […]

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Plymouth Brethren Christian Church helps the Stars…

On Tuesday the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church donated £5000.00 to Shooting Star CHASE in support of the excellent work they do. Mr Jeremy Payne, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Shooting Star CHASE was delighted to accept the generous donation presented by Church members Iain Cooper and his family from Surrey. Shooting Star CHASE is […]

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Potters Crouch Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren

Potters Crouch Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren October 2012   A massive fire in England has been burning for 11 days, with fire-fighters struggling for control. Church volunteers came to the rescue of the fire-fighters by feeding them while they battled the recycling centre blaze. A team from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Hemel Hempstead […]

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Rapid Response Team wades into action

November’s torrential rain brought some of the worst flooding to Somerset and the West Country for decades. It also brought out an enthusiastic, dedicated and much appreciated contribution from the Taunton and Torbay Rapid Response Teams (RRT). These teams set up by the Plymouth Brethren Church are staffed by fit and devoted Plymouth Brethren volunteers that are […]

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