New Sandbagger for Taunton RRT

Sand Bagging is something the RRT have done on several occasions when it has flooded in Somerset. The Taunton Rapid Relief Team are now delighted to have this new piece of equipment, the cost of which has been heavily subsidised by the Somerset Rivers Authority. Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow, with her interest in ‘The Future […]

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RRT Support Crews Fighting Timber Fire, Norfolk

The Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service were called to a fire at a waste timber yard in North Runcton, near King’s Lynn, just before midday on Saturday 21st January 2017, to find around 40,000 cubic metres of waste timber alight. Support was quickly called from other stations around Norfolk, including the water carrier from Fakenham, […]

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RRT Help Out During East Coast Storm Surge

Early in the day of the 13th January 2017, the police started advising residents that there would be a need to evacuate some houses in Aldeburgh due to an expected tidal surge in the evening. Aldeburgh RRT contacted Ipswich RRT and agreed that we would work together with Ipswich providing the Rapid Deployment Trailer and […]

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Italy – RRT Serves Food at Avalanche Site, Rigopiano

Following a series of earthquakes in central Italy, an avalanche occurred on the evening of 18 January 2017 on Gran Sasso d’Italia, in Rigopiano, a tourist destination in the municipality of Farindola. The Rigopiano hotel was one of the only buildings in the area and was hit by a 30-metre-high avalanche. An isolated location, approximately […]

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RRT Serve at East Belfast Mission

East Belfast is traditionally a working class area and the East Belfast Mission aims to help the local residents through the “Renewing and transformation of the East Belfast community”.  The Belfast Rapid Relief Team had identified and approached the Mission with an offer to help out with any upcoming events and this offer was taken […]

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IE – World Homeless Day in Dublin

On Monday evening 10th October 2016 RRT Dublin held an event in the middle of Dublin City centre. Marquees pitched, BBQ trailer set up, food prepared and lights on, RRT were ready to lend their hand in support of World Homeless Day 2016. World Homeless Day is an international day inaugurated in 2010, where people […]

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Devastating Fire in Exeter City Centre

The historic parts of the Exeter city centre spans history from the times of Roman occupation, through the devastating Blitz during the second world war and on up until the present day. Unfortunately a huge fire broke out at 5 am on Friday 28th October 2016 in the row of greatly valued historic buildings opposite […]

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RRT Assist at Plymouth Soup Run

The Plymouth Soup Run is a community and faith driven service providing free food and hot drinks to homeless, hungry and vulnerable people 365 days a year.   It is run by dedicated teams from local churches and communities in Plymouth. The teams go out each evening from Monday to Saturday serving the food and drink […]

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