Joining The Challenge! – LAST YEARS RECORD IS BEATEN BY OVER 10,000 BAGS!!

The Plymouth Brethren are again participating in the British Heart Foundations Great British Bag-athon challenge. The BHF’s target for this year is One million bags, an inspiring goal. Last year the PBCC became Bag-athon legends when they collected an incredible 2768 bags for the BHF.

With over 300 churches nationwide the brethren teams are rallying with enthusiasm to do all we can to match or if possible even beat last year’s excellent result.

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity dedicated to fighting heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer and the BHF are leading the fight against it, and have been doing so now for over 50 years.

With a number of members of the PBCC having experienced heart problems in their own families, and having proven the benefits of the latest research and technology that in many cases has been funded by such charitable actions, the PBCC have great respect for this dedicated charity and are committed to helping their research teams by getting unreservedly involved in this challenge.  We realise the vital help that is provided to the charity through every single extra bag that is donated.

You can view the BHF Bag-athon challenge here

You can see below a snapshot of where the PBCC are up to in the bag-athon league tables.

And the result?

An outstanding 12,998 bags for the BHF, this is absolutely incredible. Words cannot really describe the level of achievement that this displays. A fantastic display of teamwork and unselfishness makes this a success that will be remembered for a long time.

We will shortly be putting up a new blog to display the final outcome figures and any photo’s we may have! 

Many thanks to all who have worked so hard to turn this challenge into an inspirational success for the BHF!!

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon Update 04.10.13

Bagathon Update 04.10.13

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

Anyone having a bag day?

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

They said the driver is in a bag mood!

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon

It’s got a big bagside.

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon

Room for one more

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

Can still see the floor

 We look forward to seeing more pictures and further updates as the bag collecting goes on!!

249 thoughts on “Joining The Challenge! – LAST YEARS RECORD IS BEATEN BY OVER 10,000 BAGS!!”

  1. Jack Sprat says:

    Jack Sprat, his cupboard got FAT
    His Wife’s began to lean
    So they bagged it up with happy hearts
    And called in the transport team!

    …sorry, bit lame but thought i’d do my bit from oz!

    1. Little Miss Hopeful says:

      Nice try Jack Sprat………….and, yes, Shopper, wish I could get to the BHF shops this season!!

  2. custard says:

    keep on donating. we’ve got until the 6th October to donate

  3. No Name says:

    Soon as rhymes are in trend….here’s another

    Hey diddle, diddle the bags aren’t a fiddle,
    The BHF – they’re over the moon,
    The team, are having SO much fun,
    And there’s never a moment of gloom.

    1. Bagger 2 says:

      nice comment!

  4. KE says:



    12194 bags selling for £25 each…….. that is a grand total of £304,850…..!!!!!!

    keep it up…..

  5. Geegee says:

    “Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite.” ~ Robert Half
    (see the Air Ambulance blog)

  6. Derek says:

    11954 bags!!!!! If every bag raised an average of say £20.00 for BHF shops, thats an astonishing £239,080.00 contributed by the PBCC!!!
    WOW is that CHARITABLE or what??!!

  7. Fantastic! says:

    And more reported today… we’re at 12,189!


  8. Congratulator says:

    Congratulations, and celebrations,
    We won the great big, great fun, British bag-athon,
    Congratulations, and jubilations,
    We want the world to know how helpful we can be!

    When Grannie’s bagging skills were tested to the utmost,
    And Grandpa’s chair was very nearly played The Last Post!
    Then lots of fun was had by every jolly bagger,
    Throughout September – across the UK!

    Congratulations, and celebrations,
    We won the great big, great fun, British bag-athon,
    Congratulations, and jubilations,
    We want the world to know how helpful we can be

  9. Fantastic! says:

    Well team – who’d have ever thought!!!

    11,954!!! What a huge amount of generosity has gone in to achieve that – WELL DONE!

  10. shashed; says:

    well over the 10000 mark

  11. teapot says:

    i love the poems and rhymes that are being posted! keep the bagging up… you’re doing great. we have already beaten 10000. that is a lot of stuff!

  12. Lord Bagalot says:

    10197 bags!!!!!

    And it’s not even the end of the day!

  13. Ginger says:

    Argh we have disappeared off the BHF’s website, is that because their
    system cant cope with a large load of numbers!!!!
    10,000………..unbelievable just shows what can been done when we all work together for the one cause. If they say each bag can potentially generate around £25’s that is potentally £254,925 we have donated to BHF!! 🙂

    1. anony-mouse says:

      £312,725 now…!!

  14. Fantastic! says:

    WE’VE DONE IT!!! We’ve smashed our Super super super target of 10,000 bags and we’ve now donated 10,197!!

    well done & keep going folks!

  15. Granny says:

    It’ll be over 10 thousand today!
    Easy Peasy
    Lemon Squeezy

    1. Grannies Grandies says:

      Granny you are crazy!! We love you. And all your doing. x

    2. Grannies GREAT Grandies says:

      Sorry should have said Great Grandies….
      We look forward to seeing your empty house! 🙂 All for a good cause. Well done.

    3. Cal Nan says:

      Granny you are inspiring! Every time we visited Britain we had a day of Charity Shopping, and BHF was at the top of the list. Never knew what we would find…like they say, ‘one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure’! Good on yah!!

  16. Lord Bagalot says:

    Bob the Bagger,
    Can he fill ’em?
    Bob the Bagger,
    ‘Course he can!
    Twenty then fifty, eighty two,
    Bob and his neighbors – the bagging crew
    Bob and his mates have so much fun,
    Working together – now we’ve won!
    Bob the Bagger,
    Can we fill ’em?
    Bob the Bagger,
    Yes we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Impressed! says:

      Yes you really can!!
      PBCC!! What is going on? 9906 bags to BHF……. completely free, there is no denying the charitableness of the PBCC is there?
      An inspiration to many I’m sure……. keep up the good work…..!

  17. Preston Poet says:

    Granny really got quite worried
    Round and round the lounge she scurried
    Counting bags and stuff galore
    Piled up all across the floor
    “How on earth have others done it?
    I was sure that we had won it,
    Now we need another lot
    To get back up to that top spot.”
    To her team she sent a cry
    “We must reach up to the sky,
    Keep those bags and items flowing” –
    Now the pile again is growing
    Gramps has lost his chair again
    But it’s only short-lived pain,
    Monday’s van will take the lot,
    Every single thing we’ve got,
    Then she’ll take a well-earned rest
    And wait to see which team is best.
    The Smartsheet must not show some brown
    Which means a stingy, bagless town,
    If green (or RED!) is on display
    The target’s smashed – hip hip hooray!!!!!!

  18. Frank says:

    this is sung to ‘Oh when the saints’:
    Oh when the saints
    Oh when the saints
    Oh when the saints start the bag a thon
    the BHF are all quite staggered
    Oh when the saints start packing bags!!

    They’ve filled their bags
    with clothes and rags
    there is bags, bags
    bags, bags, bags
    the BHF is overflowing
    never mind just keep on going

    this rhyme is sung to ‘Jack be nimble’:
    Bag it quickly,
    Bag it quick,
    We’ll be round to collect in a tick.

    This rhyme is sung to ‘Do you know the Muffin Man?’:
    Do you know the bagathon,
    the bagathon,
    the bagathon?
    Do you know the bagathon that’s for the BHF?!

    We are collecting bags for them,
    we are collecting bags for them,
    we are collecting bags for the,
    The B H F!

    this rhyme is sung to ‘Knick-knack-paddy-whack’:
    This old man, he played on
    he played knick knack for the Bag a thon
    with a knick knack paddy whack
    give another bag
    this old man joined the Bag a thon!

    this is sung to ‘animals went in two by two’
    the bags they went in two by two, Hurrah, harrah
    the BHF was in surprise, harrah, Harrah
    the bags they kept on coming in
    we filled the vans up to the brim
    and they all went in to the shop
    for the bag a thon

    this rhyme is ‘2 little dickie birds’:
    two little bags
    sitting by the door
    one full of clothes
    the other with some more

    2nd verse:
    collect please Peter
    collect please Paul
    come back later
    they’ll be more by the wall!!

    This is sung to ‘Pack up your troubles!’
    pack up your oldies in an old black sack

    pack up your oldies in an old black sack
    we are doing a Bag a thon

    what’s the use of keeping thing
    never is worth while
    clear out yr’ junk and put ’em in a bag

    1. muggle mump says:

      Love these… you ought to create a book for the bhf to sell!!

    2. Me says:

      Fan-tas-tic! I wish we had a bagathon in Australia! I wish I had enough brains to write poems like that!

    3. Brill Phill says:

      FRRRANKIE…you’re getting good…fair shakes dude!!
      Happy Halloween pumpkin… ;0D

  19. Fantastic! says:

    keep up the good work. we are at 8861 nearly at 9000

  20. Pigeon says:

    There was a naughty bag
    A naughty bag was he,
    He ran away to BHF to see what he could see,
    And he found that the ground was as hard as a yard is as long as a song is as merry as a cherry is as red as is lead is as weighty and four score is in eighty, and he stood in his bag and he wondered.

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