Joining The Challenge! – LAST YEARS RECORD IS BEATEN BY OVER 10,000 BAGS!!

The Plymouth Brethren are again participating in the British Heart Foundations Great British Bag-athon challenge. The BHF’s target for this year is One million bags, an inspiring goal. Last year the PBCC became Bag-athon legends when they collected an incredible 2768 bags for the BHF.

With over 300 churches nationwide the brethren teams are rallying with enthusiasm to do all we can to match or if possible even beat last year’s excellent result.

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity dedicated to fighting heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer and the BHF are leading the fight against it, and have been doing so now for over 50 years.

With a number of members of the PBCC having experienced heart problems in their own families, and having proven the benefits of the latest research and technology that in many cases has been funded by such charitable actions, the PBCC have great respect for this dedicated charity and are committed to helping their research teams by getting unreservedly involved in this challenge.  We realise the vital help that is provided to the charity through every single extra bag that is donated.

You can view the BHF Bag-athon challenge here

You can see below a snapshot of where the PBCC are up to in the bag-athon league tables.

And the result?

An outstanding 12,998 bags for the BHF, this is absolutely incredible. Words cannot really describe the level of achievement that this displays. A fantastic display of teamwork and unselfishness makes this a success that will be remembered for a long time.

We will shortly be putting up a new blog to display the final outcome figures and any photo’s we may have! 

Many thanks to all who have worked so hard to turn this challenge into an inspirational success for the BHF!!

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon Update 04.10.13

Bagathon Update 04.10.13

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

Anyone having a bag day?

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

They said the driver is in a bag mood!

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon

It’s got a big bagside.

Plymouth Brethren - Bagathon

Room for one more

Plymouth Brethren - BHF Bagathon

Can still see the floor

 We look forward to seeing more pictures and further updates as the bag collecting goes on!!

249 thoughts on “Joining The Challenge! – LAST YEARS RECORD IS BEATEN BY OVER 10,000 BAGS!!”

  1. Grandad says:

    got sum good pets around the place…..:)

    1. Grandad says:

      whoooops!!!!! sorry meant POETS!!!!

  2. Cowpat says:

    AMAZING! I’ve seen my old ornaments and clothing in my local BHF shop already – hope they turn into loads’a cash!! Hope I’m not wearing anyones clothes I know!

  3. Granny says:

    Thanks for cheering us on! I have more than 2 bags here actually, but they can go to B2C (Bags to Charity) that we do all the year round. There are lots of other charities to support besides BHF – so keep the bags coming everyone!!

  4. lollipop says:

    1 thing I’d like to say – another huge WELL DONE 🙂 to all the other baggers out there who’ve worked hard for the BHF as individuals or groups – every bag counts towards invaluable research! Total count across the whole bagathon must be huge!

  5. Yorkshire poet says:

    Bags, bags, they’re good for your heart
    Bags, bags, please just make a start
    The more you give, the better you feel
    So give it beans, and be congenial

    (sorry, that’s my first poem ever written, so please be gracious if you blog a reply!)
    (here’s the 2nd):

    there was a young man on our street
    who for dinner had he too much did eat
    when his clothes didn’t fit
    he said ‘don’t mind a bit’
    it all helps the target to beat!

    getting better???


  6. Lily the Pink says:

    It really is worrying how much stuff we had spare floating around. No doubt we can fit more in our houses for dinner now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Auntique says:

    Astounding, amazing, brilliant teamwork, I could go on and on! But please – can someone come up with 2 bags to make 13000 before Sunday? A great resounding HOORAY to everyone who joined in to help the BHF and all they do. Now everyone knows where to shop too! Better start collecting for next year if this record is to be beaten!

  8. i wonder says:

    so, now i guess everyone is wondering if they have met or bet last years???????????????????????????????????????

    1. Reub says:

      Incredible effort all round!!!!!
      Its not only the bags, its the hundreds of unpaid hours of selfless work!

  9. BertieWooster says:

    Come one, come all
    and celebrate,
    this amazing, astounding
    simply great
    achievement of each loyal team
    to fill up bags
    from floor to beam
    then hand them into the BHF shop
    Jack’s shoes, Jill’s books
    and Hilda’s mop.
    We’d like to thank each one of you
    for joining in
    and blogging too,
    so a pat on the bag for a job well done
    A challenge? Yes, but lots of fun!

  10. Shopper says:

    Get down to the British Heart Foundation Shops everyone!!!
    They’ll be the best places to shop this Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jack Sprat says:

    The Transport team arrived anon,
    And up the drive they backed
    They stacked their truck til it swallowed its wheels
    Thanked Jack then they hit the track!

    when they arrived at BHF
    The thanks came in a swell
    so they tipped their hats and walked away
    saying “keep the truck as well!”

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