Valentine’s Day Storm

Friday night, and with winds already strong and 60mph gusts forecast, on top of ground saturated by weeks of rain….. Yeovil Rapid Relief Team had a gut feeling that there would be something to do!

The first call came at just before 9:00pm from a member of the congregation; a large tree had fallen across the A30, a main route on the north of Yeovil. A few calls and the team were on the way.

As the RRT approached the Police roadblocks, it was clear they were glad to see them! There were over 50 tree incidents across the area! And here was one of the largest! A huge tree completely blocking the road, and as it had fallen, it had brought large parts of other trees with it.

Tree number 1 the morning after

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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Storm”

  1. bob barlow says:

    well done

  2. Geezer says:

    Fantastic job boys!! Keep up the good work!!! No doubt you had free firewood!!!!

  3. Jeanette says:

    Incredible, amazing, astounding! Sacrificing most of a night’s sleep as well as personal comfort and safety! We had an ice storm late December that toppled trees and made everything treacherous with only 30 mph wind gusts. It was a job to get around and had to stop several times to move branches off the roadway while craning to see if the creaking tree overhead was going to come down as well. I can’t imagine spending hours in blasting winds and damp dreary conditions – and then returning the next day to continue on. Three cheers plus for Yeovil RRT!! 🙂

  4. Granny says:

    Well done Yeovil! It’s no joke turning out at that time of night to help so willingly after a day’s work. But it must be just one example of what many RRT teams have been doing throughout the recent bad weather, most of which activities don’t make it to this blog. The RNLI regularly publish a full list of all their “Shouts”, so how about the RRT doing the same? It would be of great interest to those of us who are only armchair cheerleaders, and it would encourage ALL the teams to keep going!! Could Admin comment on this idea please?

  5. Imad says:

    Good work – hope your loved ones still got their choccies and flowers!

    1. pom says:

      oh fantastic work lads, especially on such an important day for you no doubt!!! 🙂 hopefully you still managed to buy the many bunches of flowers!!!

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