Supporting St John in Wales through Colour Me Rad

RRT Team

RRT Team

St. John Cymru, Wales’ leading first aid charity are selflessly committed to reducing the number of people who die unnecessarily. Their vision is to have a first aider on every street in Wales and their lifesaving work is greatly appreciated. On Saturday 30th May 2015 Colour Me Rad (CMR) came to Margam Park (near Swansea), choosing St John Cymru as their ‘Charity of the Year’ donating from their proceeds to this worthy cause.

The RRT team going to get given job roles for the day

The RRT team going to get given job roles for the day

With hardly a day left before the event St John sent out an appeal saying they were in desperate need for extra help at the event. The Rapid Relief Teams (RRT) in Swansea and Cardiff responded immediately to their appeal and saw this as a fantastic privilege to support St. John’s and Colour Me Rad.



Colour Me Rad could hardly have found a more picturesque spot to host this event in Wales than Margam Park with over 1,000 acres of beautiful parkland and the famous Margam Castle as a stunning backdrop.

Free coffee at the RRT tent

Free coffee at the RRT tent

RRT arrived early Saturday morning with many willing volunteers and moved in along with St John’s to assist in all aspects helping to run this colourful event.   From the start line to the finishing post RRT were stationed around the track undertaking many diverse roles from distributing water and providing free hot drinks to colour bombing the runners and spraying them with colour canons!

Handing out water to the runners

Handing out water to the runners

Blasting colour

Blasting colour

Assisting the elderly

Assisting the elderly

To see so many from all walks of life having fun and at the same time supporting charity was very inspiring.  This certainly turned out to be a truly amazing day and top marks to Colour Me Rad for coming up with such an awesome way to generate needed funds for charity!

Swansea RRT at Colour Me Rad

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  1. Englander says:

    Well done Dan!!!

    Awesome work:):):)

  2. Danielle, Roxy & Kirsty says:

    Wow..Looks great fun:)
    Fairly colourful sot!!

  3. colonel Saunders says:

    Radical new way of raising money for charity and having your hair done spotted:-) Tres Coolio (welsh for very cool!!)

  4. bobbie says:

    hey cool!!!!!
    Tiny Tim!!!

  5. someone says:

    go guys run for it tom you r ace……!!!!!
    you guys r soooo awesome all that colour you must have been drenched:)

  6. PAGW says:

    Awesome vid Haz!

    Jolly spiffing way to raise money for those who need it!!!

  7. T says:

    Hey that is awesome work RRT!!
    well done – keep it up!

  8. Lawrie Dowell says:

    Well done Wales!

  9. Lawrie Dowell says:

    Well done Cardiff & Swansea. Keep up the colour & the work!

  10. me says:


  11. Charlotte says:

    Wow! That was a fair bit of colour you went through all up!! What an awesome day you all had – and St John are such a worthy cause to support!

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