Shekinah Mission & Plymouth RRT provide a meal for the homeless March 2016

The sound of music floated out of the doors of the Shekinah Mission Drop-In Centre in Plymouth, as clients headed in for a hot meal……

The Shekinah Mission is a Devon-based charity providing opportunities for persons in recovery.  This includes recovery from homelessness, drug and alcohol concerns, offending behaviours or mental health issues.  Established in 1992, they have a range of projects across a number of locations.  The Drop-In Centre in Stonehouse, Plymouth offers a range of services, including a hot meal on Saturdays and Sundays.


Busy in the Kitchen

Saturday 19th March 2016 saw the Plymouth Rapid Relief Team (RRT) head to the Shekinah Drop-In Centre to contribute their support and serve the day’s brunch.  It was no mere menu – BBQ gammon in bread rolls, salad, coleslaw and chips made for an appetising main course.  Rounded off with a tasty desert:  fruit kebabs, cookies and hot cross buns, leaving all feeling well fed.


First course


Tucking in

The stage was set for live music, provided by the RRT band, to boost the already vibrant and relaxed atmosphere – which was very well received by both the service-users and staff.  The 4-strong group performed for the duration, playing a full range of songs – from modern numbers to golden oldies – something for everyone to tap along to.

RRT Band-at-Skekinah-Mission

RRT band


Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere

The day was enjoyed by all – clients, staff and RRT alike.  RRT valued the opportunity to work with the Shekinah Mission, such a great job, for a good cause, carried out by incredible people – and looks forward to supporting them again.


The Shekinah & RRT teams

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