Saving a Public Park

Ashley said “we are thrilled with this donation from Preston Down, it’s a great start to the funds we desperately need”

A TREASURED public park in Cullompton Devon could be lost unless the volunteer group set up to maintain it gets a funding boost.

Cullompton Community Association is calling on the town council to support the upkeep of the CCA Fields by raising its share of next year’s council tax by £1 per household. Last month’s flooding caused damage to bridges and play equipment in the 33-acre park, which the CCA says it cannot afford to repair on top of general maintenance costs.

The Preston Down Trust, made a generous donation to the CCA fields Committee on Friday 4th January 2013, after an appeal went out for urgent donations and funds, after vehicular access bridge that spans the brook was severely damaged, being uplifted and carried across the Park and left broken up. A meeting was arranged between members from the Preston down Trust congregation and Ashley who represents the CCA committee, and a cheque was handed over for £1000.00 towards the vital work that needs completing. An additional amount was also donated for the initial supplies needed to enable urgent repairs to be started and make the bridge safe.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Aim at the conscience, exalt Christ, say little, serve all and pass on.This is true greatness, to serve unnoticed, work unseen” JND

  2. Gaston says:

    Wow, that is a lot of money! Certainly helping to save a well-loved park. Thanks guys

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