RRT Salisbury offers assistance at major house fire

On 25th October 2014 a member of the Salisbury RRT received a call at 6:35pm from the Wiltshire central control unit asking us to attend an active substantial thatch fire (sadly leaving two cottages destroyed and 3 families’ homeless) in the Village of Codford 15 miles north west of Salisbury.

The team were then mobilized and refreshments were acquired whilst contact was made at the scene with the control unit. By 7:20pm the RRT were set up within 100 meters of the scene as directed by the Incident Commander.

Within minutes the RRT were serving over 100 grateful fire fighters, ambulance crews, The Red Cross and other volunteers with hot and cold drinks, sausage rolls, crisps, cookies and chocolate bars.

When the Salisbury RRT arrived at the scene, the house fire had already mobilised multiple fire crews.

The Scene

Due to the intensity of the fire, 10 fire crews from Warminster, Wilton, Tisbury, Salisbury, Amesbury, Trowbridge, Mere and Frome were in attendance together with an operational support unit from Salisbury, an incident command vehicle from Devizes and an aerial appliance from Bath.

At around 10pm the fire crews had gained control and the crews reduced to a 4 engine team enabling the RRT to set up adjacent to the command unit. The RRT continued to provide refreshments until 1am at which point the Incident Commander indicated that leaving supplies for crews to help themselves throughout the night would be sufficient.

Crew members returning from a shift were welcomed by RRT volunteers with snacks and refreshments.

Crew members returning from a shift

The following morning at 7:30am the RRT returned to the scene to offer further refreshments and clear up the remaining supplies.

The RRT would like to express their thanks to local residents for their support and also local superstores for donating provisions totalling over £100.

Sadly, the fire in the Village of Codford (15 miles north west of Salisbury) left two cottages destroyed and 3 families’ homeless.

The scene of devastation

5 thoughts on “RRT Salisbury offers assistance at major house fire”

  1. Tom says:

    Good ole Salisbury RRT!

  2. sally says:

    a BIG well done to RRT… especially as they were still up early hours of the morning. and didnt even get a lyin the next day

  3. me says:

    well dun salisbury… great work…. keep it up.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Sympathies and kind thoughts to those affected by the fire – I hope they find new homes and belongings soon.

    1. margret says:

      yes… I agree with charlotte…. a lot of sympathy for those affected.

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