RRT Ireland Supports Mourne Way Marathon Charity Event

Every year hundreds of enthusiastic runners set to the rugged terrain of the Mourne Mountains in the name of charity. The Mourne Way Marathon is Ireland’s biggest off-road running event, raising money for many different charities and causes throughout UK and Ireland.
On Saturday 6th June, Rapid Relief Teams from Warrenpoint, Belfast, and Dublin pulled together to support over 1000 runners at one of Ireland’s premier off-road running events.
The marathon consists of a variety of different events such as; a 52 mile ultra-marathon, half marathon, 10k marathon and many more. At the start of the day runners faced fierce wet and windy weather conditions. This had the effect of making the terrain wet, boggy and slippery even when the sun eventually shone later in the day.

Some participants getting a briefing prior to the run

Some participants getting a briefing prior to the run

With more than 50 volunteers enthusiastically taking part throughout the day, RRT Ireland were tasked with managing food stations and marshalling the runners in the depths of the Mourne Mountains. Their task involved hydrating exhausted runners with fresh water and sustaining them with light snacks along the course.

A participant getting refreshment at a station on the marathon

A participant getting refreshment at a station on the marathon

RRT Tent & All Terrain Vehicle

RRT Tent & All Terrain Vehicle

The Rapid Relief Team also donated over a thousand bottles of water that were handed out by RRT volunteers to rehydrate the worn-out participants as they crossed the finish line. Further snacks were handed out by the refreshment team in the RRT tent. Volunteers also assisted runners in removing their champion-chip timing tags once their times were posted on the scoreboard.

A station just out of the forest is a welcome site for runners

A station just out of the forest is a welcome site for runners

After the last surge of runners came through, the RRT assisted in clean-up and litter picking throughout the finish line venue at Kilbroney Park.

RRT Ireland Supports Mourne Way Marathon

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  1. Warwick says:

    Good job keep it up. Looked like quite the event.

  2. alpaca says:

    Well done RRT:)
    looks a jolly hard run

  3. Steffie says:

    Well down RRT in Ireland and congratulations to those running in such rapidly changing weather conditions! Enjoyed the scenery very much as well, thanks!

  4. Hoho says:

    Thank you for the video !!!
    It’s soooo much more interesting when there’s one…

  5. cheers says:

    i have been to Ireland….

    it is the most amazing country ever! …on a sunny day (and even in the rain) it is INCREDIBLE and the scenery is beautiful, you guys have everything- moutains, sea, countryside, cities, the lot!

    well done RRT, Keep it up……

  6. OldRoller says:

    That was some run!
    The support of RRT is obviously very much appreciated at these events.
    Thanks for the video – the scenery is beautiful even if the weather appeared to be changeable!

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    Good you STILL in the work Brendan!!! Hope you come and see us down under again soon πŸ™‚

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    Go Brendan, good to see you are STILL in the work… hope you havent forgotten us “down under” πŸ™‚

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    What a lot of work went into this! Thanks for the video. This always makes it more interesting. Lovely country

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    Excellent work πŸ™‚

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    Thanks for putting a video on πŸ™‚

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