RRT feed the Homeless at Centrepoint


Centrepoint is a leading charitable organisation working with young homeless people, supporting them to get permanent accommodation, education and employment. A shocking 80,000 young people experience homelessness every year. Centrepoint gives homeless young people a chance to turn their lives around, build firm foundations, and prepare for a future where they realise their potential. Supporting over 8,400 young people a year in London and the North East, Centrepoint gives a young person a place to stay, which is the first of many steps toward overcoming their homelessness in the long term.

RRT Ready to go.

RRT Ready to go.

RRT Sutton had the opportunity on Saturday 25th April to provide food and drink to young people residing at Centrepoint Camberwell in London. This is the largest hostel providing a residence for over 80 young people aged between 16 and 22. As well as providing for their residential needs they also provide education and training to elevate young people in their circumstances.

Enthused and ready to go

Enthused and ready to g0!

Cooking up the burgers

Cooking up the burgers

The RRT saw this event as an opportunity to offer support and sympathy to the young people in these situations of homelessness, and to portray tangibly the spirit of Christianity, by offering a delicious hot meal and entertainment in the form of two live bands.

Live Music

Live Music

The delicious lunch consisted of BBQ Halal burgers with all the fillings, sauces and a generous portion of fresh hot chips. This was complimented by a range of soft drinks and home baked chocolate brownie.

Another meal is served

Another meal is served

Live music was provided by RRT band members, who set the tone and atmosphere for the day with the residents joining in the performance and enjoying the liberal atmosphere present.

The residents of Centrepoint were enthused at the generosity of the RRT and their eagerness to offer their assistance. The young people commented on how nice the food was and that they really enjoyed the performing groups.

Another meal is served

The Rapid Relief Team recognises the needs of homeless young people and looks forward to working alongside Centrepoint again in other Hostels around the country to give support, encouragement and inspiration, and to show compassion and sympathy to the wonderful residents of these hostels.

Homeless Guests taucking in!

Homeless Guests tucking in!


Centrepoint Video


My Life

Sail On

The Stranger

Little Me

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