Rotherwas Estate – 12 hours ablaze

On Wednesday morning, 17th April, a fire raged in the Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford.  This fire was rapidly destroying the building owned by Bathgate Access Flooring, and thought to have started prior to 8am when the premises open.

To battle the scale and size of the fire on hand, over 135 fire fighters were brought in with 27 fire fighting vehicles attending from the surrounding regions, even from as far as Gloucester and Stroud to tackle the blaze and prevent further widespread damage. The attendance figure quickly rose, numbering almost 200 as Police, Paramedics and Utility Services arrived.

Plmouth Brethren - Rotherwas Fire

RRT Refreshment Stand

Alerted by the smoke, members of the local Hereford Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Rapid Relief Team were soon on scene to offer their support and help.

Plymouth Brethren RRT - Rotherwas Fire

RRT Serve at Rotherwas Fire

It was determined If the RRT set up an effective welfare base the fire fighters wouldn’t need to leave the scene for refreshments, there would be no need to draft in reserves, which in turn would facilitate the control of the fire. The RRT wasted no time in calling volunteers and setting up. During the next 12 hours, the RRT constantly served hot and cold drinks, hot pizza and snack food to the emergency services allowing them to stay on scene for extended shifts.

Plymouth Brethren - Rotherwas fire

With the fire under control, refreshments were arranged for the remaining crews and the RRT left the scene at 8pm. The Fire Operations Commander expressed his appreciation for the work of the RRT and couldn’t thank them enough for their services and care.

Plymouth Brethren - Rotherwas fire


6 thoughts on “Rotherwas Estate – 12 hours ablaze”

  1. cluck says:

    cheers everyone!!! thanks a lot…. really useful!

  2. Granny says:

    Once again, the RRT bring in some comfort to a stressful situation.
    Well done!

  3. Holly says:

    Thank goodness that this Rapid Relief Team is there and to think that noone has known about it for so long. Now perhaps we can all pray for all those that help and serve so willingly. I am sure they will need it. You can tell that firemen and policemen sure are glad of you all.

  4. Terry says:

    Excellent work – you’re a great team!
    To be ready to help out at a moment’s notice is truly unselfish.
    Keep at the good work…

  5. Onlooker says:

    Incredible – I was on the scene for a while and was able to witness the excellant, unselfish service provided, many thanks and keep it up.

  6. anon says:

    Wow! Once again, you are there to serve as and when you’re needed. keep up the good work! We need you! 🙂

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