Massive Smurfit fire demands marathon RRT effort

On Wednesday 17th April a large fire broke out at Smurfit Kappa’s Sutton Coldfield Paper Mill, seven acres of compressed cardboard and paper made the mill a hazardous place for a huge blaze.  High winds quickly fanned the flames over the property leaving the Birmingham Fire Fighters with an enormous task.

Plymouth Brethren - Smurfitt Fire

RRT on Night Duty

Soon, over one hundred Fire Fighters were on the scene and in the cold wind and rain most would be here for an entire shift.  Local PBCC members were up for a challenge and their RRT was quick to show up and offer support in what became a 36 hour operation.  Hot food and drinks, chocolates, cakes and energy drinks were provided throughout the night and, with support from Stafford PBCC members, hot breakfast was laid on for the Fire Fighters.

Plymouth Brethren - Breakfast


Team leader for the RRT said “it’s a pleasure to assist the emergency services when they are serving the community and their gratitude is unsurpassed” and the appreciation from all was clear to see.  Personal thanks came from Group Commander Burnham and Handsworth Fire Crew later tweeted “#plymouth brethren church feeding the troops – many thanks”.


The Fire Crews also commented on the impressive teamwork and organisation of the RRT. Working together to bring tables, refreshments, a generator and lighting they successfully worked alongside the crews in support without hampering them.  A final thanks came from the Managing Directors of Smurfitt Kappa to all those who had tirelessly toiled on their premises.  450 hot dogs, 130 bacon rolls, over 500 hot drinks and another great success for the Fire Fighters and RRT’s work.

Plymouth Brethren - Smurfitt Fire

Teamwork at Smurfitt Fire


5 thoughts on “Massive Smurfit fire demands marathon RRT effort”

  1. Holly says:

    I think that the personal comments from the fire crews must have be enough to encourage anyone to do more unselfish work like that.
    Shows how grateful they are!

  2. Granny says:

    Well done Birmingham and Stafford!! To do the catering like that is pretty amazing, but to do it in such cold conditions takes real grit! And dedication to the task in hand.
    It must make a great difference to the morale of the fire crews.

  3. Zet says:

    This is an amazing example of true dedication!!
    This is highlighted by calling in a RRT team from another place – Well done RRT!!

  4. Anna says:

    All I can say is WOW – fabulous effort, Well Done!

  5. Ozzie says:

    Awesome work RRT!!!!!

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