Three Hundred Years of History – up in Flames

It was the afternoon of the Good Friday Bank Holiday when the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Team were urgently called out to a fire in the village of East Meon, where they were met with the devastating sight of a row of beautiful 18th century thatched roof cottages burning furiously!

Plymouth Brethren - East Meon Fire

Fire Crews in Action

Fire crews from across the region were called in to tackle the blaze and soon over one hundred fire-fighters and other emergency services were at the scene.  Five jets, two hose reels, eight breathing apparatus and an aerial ladder platform monitor were soon all in use to control the fire and to do all they could to protect surrounding properties.

Exhausted from two earlier fires and with the temperature dropping below  -3°C this was going to be another long night to test the fortitude of the Hampshire fire-fighters. They needed all the support they could get.

The local PBCC Rapid Relief Team came onto the scene to offer refreshments and encouragement.  With a rota of attendance in place the RRT were able to maintain a continuous supply of hot food, drinks and welfare support to the emergency services throughout the night.

Grateful Fireman Recharge

Hampshire Fire and Rescue confirmed it had certainly been a ‘very busy’ Bank Holiday – crews had been called out to two other thatched roof fires earlier in the day – and this was the biggest and longest to fight.

Plymouth Brethren - East Mehon fire

RRT Serve at the East Meon Fire

The support of the PBCC RRT was gratefully received

6 thoughts on “Three Hundred Years of History – up in Flames”

  1. Mark R says:

    My son is a fireman and was attending this fire, I am amazed that in these days of selfishness the Plymouth Brethren go to these “shouts” and provide such an invaluable service. If only more people and religious’ organizations did the same, this world would be a nicer place. On behalf of my son and myself thank you so very much.

  2. Holly says:

    I agree, there should be a link that we can all donate to.

  3. Granny says:

    I have been wondering the same as Cedar. Is there a central fund for RRTs or does each locality meet its own costs? Perhaps Goov or RJ could tell us?
    The main thing is that the service is free to the users, and the Christian principle is sacrifice – the blessed Lord Jesus being the Supreme Example.
    Keep it up RRTs everywhere – we’re right behind you with our prayers, and we would like to make a donation too – so please let us know how!!

    1. anony-mouse says:

      I certainly agree there should be a central fund, as some places have more RRTs than others!

  4. Cedar says:

    This is just incredible – however did you manage to feed them all? Well done PBCC RRT – is there a fund we can donate to, to help you?

    1. Kim Jong-eun says:

      Amen to that! It looks like a first-rate job was done – firemen are big eaters as well!!

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