It is a well known fact that fighting fires is a highly stressful task, and this was borne out with the recent bungalow fires near Borwick, Lancashire. The fire required some 35 fire-fighters to work well into the hours of darkness with temperatures plummeting towards zero.

Plymouth Brethren - Borwick Fire

A local Rapid Relief Team member from Preston received a call at 20:10 from the Lancashire Fire & Rescue team.  After a scramble the RRT arrived at the scene at 20:40.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT at Borwick Fire

After having been on duty for over five hours, these brave persons were immensely grateful to be offered hot drinks and refreshments at the scene. The Rapid Relief Team provides support and help nationally, at short notice, during emergencies and crises. RRT Preston being the nearest to the event, enthusiastically  provided the refreshments.

Plymouth Brethren - Borwick Fire RRT

The Fire Department called up the RRT knowing they had the ability to set up a support hub at very short notice, and from past experience, rely on them to deliver the support required

Plymouth Brethren RRT at Borwick Fire

The service provided was greatly appreciated and the below note of thanks was sent in shortly after the event.

PBCC - Appreciation from Lancashire F&R

PBCC – Appreciation from Lancashire F&R


  1. Mr L says:

    does anyone know if the RRT are attending the big industrial fire in Smethwick? looks pretty big.

    1. Oar says:

      I don’t know but i heard they attended another one over the weekend at Didcot somewhere…

    2. andrub says:

      yes we were there – scroll down to entry at 10.54 on live local on attached link and you will see the action. Look out for the update on this blog soon!

    3. Bill K says:

      Yes Mr L, the RRT are attending the Smethwick fire. On the BBC News website, there are photos of volunteers manning food stations providing refreshments to the hundreds of firefighters who were at the scene yesterday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    well done- out standing work
    very touched by it
    thankx a lot

  3. John says:

    Remarkable work you do and done for so long ‘behind the scenes’. Well done guys.

  4. bob says:

    hi there u RRT guys…
    from what i have seen u do a great job all the time and seem to always be ready to help at your own expence…i am totaly amazed at your unselfishness…..keep it up…its an amazing service to all

  5. Terry says:

    This is excellent – talk about dedication!
    Well done RRT – invaluable work – keep it up!

  6. Granny says:

    Three cheers for the Preston RRT!!!!, ably assisted by the Lancaster guys who live nearer to the fire.
    Keep it up lads!! It’s a fantastic service you provide!!

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