PBCC - Stow Cheque Hand OverA sponsored walk by the Stow congregation of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church has been generously and strongly supported by businesses and the local community, raising a fantastic £1693.70 for the Stow Fire Station.

Church member said “We were very pleased by the many donations received. It is quite clear that the service provided by the brave personnel from Stow Fire Station is very much appreciated by the locals here and this was a great opportunity to voice all of our thanks. They do an excellent job and we can all feel safer in the knowledge of this.”

The sponsored walk was over 6.25 miles from Bourton on the Water to Stow on the Wold via the Slaughters including all age groups.


  1. BJ says:

    Lovely faces too

  2. HAPPY says:

    Isn’t that good to see people working together in families to do something for someone else. thinking of other people not them selves as as ‘!!!’ says. Must have been fun!

  3. !!!! says:

    Fantastic! Fun as well as profitable. How many people did it?

    1. Blenheim says:

      I heard it was around 40-50 members of the local PBCC, from 5yrs to 70yrs +!!

    2. L says:

      There was over 50 of us from all age groups

  4. Shell says:

    Brilliant! Cannot underestimate the work our firemen do – and not just in fighting fires! Their first aid and rescue equipment is awesomely expensive but can make the difference between life & death. Three cheers for the families and kids that made the effort and to the caring local community for all their support!!

  5. a says:

    Looks like whole families doing something for the good of the whole Stow community 🙂 .

    1. Granny says:

      And I believe the amazing PBCC in Stow were busy helping out in all sorts of ways during the snowy weather recently. Can we see some pictures, by any chance?
      It inspires all the other teams!! No-one knows what is round the next corner. I think it is wonderful to have co-ordinated efforts these days – remember what TEAM stands for – Together Everyone Achieves More!!

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