For the 3rd year running, the Plymouth Brethren are participating in the British Heart Foundations Bagathon challenge – only this year BHF have renamed the scheme Bag it Beat it. http://bagit.bhf.org.uk/ The BHF’s target for this year is again one million bags, an inspiring goal bearing in mind that this could equate to £20 Million in funding for life changing research! For the last 2 years the PBCC have won this challenge donating nearly 16000 bags from their members in total – worth a staggering £320K to BHF!
With over 300 churches nationwide the brethren teams are rallying again with enthusiasm to do all we can to match or if possible even beat last year’s excellent result.
The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity dedicated to fighting heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer and the BHF are leading the fight against it, and have been doing so now for over 50 years.
With a number of members of the PBCC having experienced heart problems in their own families, and having proven the benefits of the latest research and technology that in many cases has been funded by such charitable actions, the PBCC have great respect for this dedicated charity and are committed to helping their research teams by getting unreservedly involved in this challenge. We realise the vital help that is provided to the charity through every single extra bag that is donated.
We will be updating this post daily to tell you how many bags the PBCC have donated in this year’s challenge so keep coming back to find out how we’re doing, and blog supportively for this fantastic cause!

The PBCC have donated 9669 bag so far to the Beat it Bag It Campaign!

Plymouth Brethren BHF

Last Years Presentation of the winning certificate to the PBCC!

Plymouth Brethren BHF

The thank you letter…

Plymouth Brethren BHF

One of the scenes from last years collecting….!


  1. mario2650 says:

    Excellent post. It looks like much hard work went in this one.

  2. gema9082 says:

    This really shows that there are still people who care about the things they post online. I truly loved browsing the comments.

  3. kasandra7848 says:

    Is actually nice to find great postings like this. I truly enjoyed this.

  4. Andrew Steyn says:

    I heard there was a little competition type thing where people sent in pictures of all their bags, are these going to be published sometime or?
    i reckon they’d be quite interesting.

  5. Focusit says:

    well done guys
    lots of hard work put in by all
    Thanks v. much

  6. Granny says:

    Check out this link to see how many bags BHF received altogether – http://bagit.bhf.org.uk/beat-it/we-did-it/

  7. Fantastic! says:

    Awesome – news of more! We’ve donated 9781!

    Well done folks!

  8. Fantastic! says:

    What an awesome team!

    You’ve shown astounding teamwork and achieved phenomenal results again!

    All to make lifes better!

    We’ve donated a fantastic 9666 bags to Bag it, Beat it so far! 🙂

  9. Granny the Bag lady says:

    Puffing Billy – can you adjust that red figure on the article now? Thanks a lot – and let’s not forget all the other charity shops going forward. well done all!

  10. Andrew Steyn says:

    what is the final count please?

    1. puffing billy says:

      9655 bags!! Awesome effort –
      That’s worth just under £200K to the BHF thanks to the generosity of the PBCC community in UK. Well done 🙂

    2. pad says:

      Now 9666!

  11. BAE says:

    I got some comments from our BHF shop:

    “it’s so good to see that there’s people who care still! You don’t find that very much these days”

  12. Granny the Bag lady says:

    Wow! 9353 bags! That’s more like it. Shows what can be done in a couple of days with a concerted effort.
    Well done Ed Tennent and the UK team!

  13. Old Roller says:

    Have another look!! Over 5,000 bags now.
    And two more days to go!!
    My lounge is filling up again!!
    Keep at it folks – it’s amazing how much stuff you can live without!

  14. whyonearth says:

    what is the point of having this on the blog if it isn’t updated.
    we’re well over 2000.

    1. puffing billy says:

      We’re struggling to keep up with the numbers ramping at the rate they have been 🙂 Keep it up – and tell us what the numbers are in your blogs if they’re not updated on the main article…!

  15. Old Roller says:

    One day while in a hurry, we missed a lady’s stuff,
    We hadn’t gone but a few yards, when she called out in a huff:
    What game d’you think you’re playing? She cried right from the heart,
    You’ve missed me, am I too late? No! jump up on the cart!!
    (With apologies to Dustman Dad)

  16. Granny says:

    Bag It Beat It, till you drop
    Bag It Beat It, to the Shop
    Bag It Beat It Blog It too
    BHF is thanking you!

  17. bigbadbagger says:

    Can we upload a photo of our bags for you to use on this blog?? just let us know how

    1. bigbadbagger – They’ve asked for photos to be emailed to [email protected] – send them along and no doubt they’ll get published a bit later!

  18. 1st Little Pig says:

    We made it! just delivered the full quota for our local area – BHF are going to have fun sorting that lot, they should make some good money too!!
    It is very rewarding to deliver bags to a charity that is so grateful of your donations – well done everyone!!

  19. Granny says:

    Looks like 791 on Friday

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