PBCC RRT in action at Plastic recycling fire in Smethwick

The largest fire in the West Midlands saw over 200 firefighters working tirelessly for over 3 days. The company called Jayplas, a plastic recycling facility with over 10,000 tonnes of stock, ignited when a Chinese lantern drifted into the stock late on Sunday evening.

Plymouth Brethren - Smethwick Plastic Recycling Fire

Whilst the fire service fought to gain control and save surrounding buildings, the Rapid Relief Team from Sutton Coldfield made contact with the command post and made arrangements for refreshments.

Plymouth Brethren - Smethwick Recycling Fire

As the national media interest in the event was very high, the West Midlands Fire Chief, Mr Vij Randeniya, was at the scene. He took a personal interest in the arrangements ensuring the refreshment post was in the most suitable location and then coming across to sign our comments book – he wrote “Thank you for your endless support”. This was one of the first of over 8 pages of comments of thanks, praise and gratitude which were written in the on-site record book.

Plymouth Brethren - Smethwick Plastic Recycling Fire

The Rapid Relief Team banners said it all – “Serving the community in time of need”. Free gospel tracts and over 35 free Bibles were also distributed to members of the various emergency services. The volunteers got the equipment and provisions to site at 17.00hrs and set up the refreshment area. A neighbouring organization, Greencore, provided over 100 sandwiches packs whilst the PBCC provided over 120 flapjacks, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, cookies, brownie cake, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, 250 energy drinks and hundreds of bottles of water. Over 35 free bibles were distributed with many appreciative comments from the recipients!

Plymouth Brethren - Smethwick Plastic Recycling Fire

The initial team served from 17.00hrs until 23.30hrs. Then a shift of volunteers from our community in Sutton Coldfield and Stafford manned from 23.30hrs until 02.30hrs, followed by another shift from 02.30hrs until 04.30hrs where the final team relieved them and served until 07.00hrs Tuesday morning. The morning shift distributed over 200 hot bacon and sausage rolls to the weary night shift fire crews.

Plymouth Brethren - Smethwick Plastic Recycling Fire

The value of the RRT’s work was further highlighted on the BBC Birmingham and Black Country webpage covering the fire.

Plymouth Brethren - BBC page






20 thoughts on “PBCC RRT in action at Plastic recycling fire in Smethwick”

  1. TALK says:

    What about the PBCC in the Gillingham/Medway area yesterday? There was a 100 car plus pile up on the Sheppey Bridge and the PBCC RRT served cold drinks to them for hours! The temp was approx 30C and up on the bridge there was of course not an inch of shade! The pile-up was about a mile long and members of the RRT walked up and down the carriage way serving Emergency Services member and the public alike….Could they get an article on here Admin?

    1. Shrek says:

      Thanks TALK – I was glad to be part of this team and help in just a little way. An amazing experience to be part of – thankful there were no fatalities! After 6 hours I went home v tired – makes you appreciate more the work that the Emergency Services put in for us all.
      A report has been put together – its possible that Admin hasnt seen this yet.

  2. Frank says:

    Here is a definition of the word “Brummie” by Dictionary.com:
    — n
    1. informal a native or inhabitant of Birmingham, England
    — adj
    2. of or relating to Birmingham
    I must say the definition given above by “Queen’s English” is a new one to me but it gives an interesting dimension on the word.
    This fire took place in Smethwick which is close to Birmingham, so I imagine the members of the Rapid Response Team were drawn from the surrounding area, hence the affectionate term, “Brummies”
    Good work everyone! Well done!

  3. MUZFUZZ says:

    Three cheers for the good old Brummies,
    Who filled the firemen’s tummies,
    They stayed up there all night,
    To help the men with the fight.
    It started early one morning,
    It came without any warning,
    But the PBCC where there,
    To provide food, drinks, warmth and care.

    1. Mr Bean says:

      Young Simon the snorkel was there,
      Lifting hoses high up in the air
      Which gave me a thrill
      As plastic cups I did fill
      And served the firemen with good fare

      Being in Smethwick till 3
      (A time normally dedicated to me)
      And then straight to work –
      Because we can’t shirk –
      Was nevertheless full of glee

    2. Poet (and doesn't know it) says:

      The factory in Smethwick was blazing,
      While onlookers stood there just gazing,
      The fire crews were fed
      While most were in bed
      Now that is just truly amazing.

      Fireman Sam at the end of his shift,
      Was feeling in need of a lift,
      With a coffee and flapjack
      He soon got his strength back
      He said “What a wonderful GIFT!”

      As the firemen fought blazes,
      They sung RRT’s praises,
      Who stayed a long while
      And served a smile
      The gratitude shows on their faces!

      Keep up the good work RRT!

    3. Jack says:

      Wow these are awesome people – keep it up! 🙂
      I am not a poet and admire anyone that can just make something up like that!! 🙂

    4. Auntique says:

      Great job to the RRT team & to all the poets & songwriters who have posted here! Well done – keep up the great teamwork & testimony!

  4. cluck says:

    wow that’s amazing!!!

  5. Tom says:

    Great job guys – every mature person would respect the sheer hard work that goes into supporting the emergency services in such a practical way. The Big Society in action!

  6. Green Tea says:

    Well done you guys – for the excellent unlimited resource, for the people who are doing an excellent job as well! This team is amazing – everyone doing what they can to help each other out…keep up the awesome team spirit too..

  7. GeMs says:

    Trust you Brummies!! Biggest fire ever seen in the Midlands and you’re there doing your stuff! Well done. Big thanks to all the firefighters too.

  8. RAH says:

    Very encouraging to see the work teh Brethren are doing in the community worldwide. Well done the fire fighting staff also – your work is invaluable to society and the little bit that we do to help you through is only out of appreciation. Good work PBCC, keep it up.
    From a PBCC member in AU

  9. JL says:

    Good on you brummies
    Always prepared to get stuck in and work hard!

    1. Sumone says:

      Thanks JL.
      I was on one of the teams which worked through the night and the response from the emergency services was incredible, they were so grateful. They couldn’t believe that we were prepared to work through the night to help them and then go back to our ‘day job’ without any/much sleep!
      A big thank you to the services for their hard work and dedication.

    2. Egbirt says:

      Can I ask where the name brummies comes from?!

    3. Mr L says:

      Egbirt – please follow this link for a very elucidatory article – http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/place-lancashire/plain/A496352

    4. Queens English says:

      Egbirt – Some also claim that it comes from the fact that a large proportion of luxury motor vehicles you see gracing our streets, come from the UK’s central city. As you will be well aware, the noise these exquisite automobiles make is brum, brum… the addition of the ‘ieee’ on the end is the noise the owner makes when he realises his wheels have been nicked!

    5. Egbirt says:

      LOL! But what has that got to do with the PBCC RRT? Nice definition tho…

    6. Mary Poppins says:

      Umm… Egbirt, didn’t u ask the question in the first place?!? So when some kind people answer ur question why do u question their relevance? Surely ur own question was lil irrelevant….

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