Operation Stack

Operation stack on the M20 had reached day four.    Up to 4000 trucks travel between the UK and Europe each day and over 1000 per day had been building up on the M20 in Kent, as a result of the strike in France.

RRT handing out water to the stranded lorry drivers on the M20

RRT handing out water to the stranded lorry drivers on the M20

With temperatures soring to 34°C + drivers were experiencing serious discomfort having been sat in their lorries for days.  Many drivers had run out of water and food, and conditions were not set to change as the industrial action in Calais had not been called off.   It was going to take days to clear the backlog of vehicles.

RRT team leader Stuart Bell received a call from Bronze Command and agreed to assemble a volunteer team to provide food and drink for up to 700 at risk cases.   The British Red Cross had offered 100 meals but no assistance to distribute the food

Thankfully a police escort meant they could travel the wrong way up the M20….

Thankfully a police escort meant they could travel the wrong way up the M20….

The RRT volunteer team assembled on site and distributed nearly 1200 drinks and 1500 light snacks.   Over the next 3 days the teams worked tirelessly throughout the day to distribute water that had been donated.   The RRT team could see that there was a greater need than just water so donated and distributed a further £400 worth of food to urgent cases.

Pallet loads of sandwiches…

Pallet loads of sandwiches…

2000 sandwiches were delivered to the truck drivers with the rrt travelling along the M20 with police escort!    The rrt team received some very generous donations of food from local supermarkets and the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church communities from Canterbury and surrounding area

One hungry lorry driver…

One hungry lorry driver…

One eye witness at the scene today said – “if you think about it we have up to four lanes of trucks now that phase 4 of operation stack has been implemented and this is really 50 miles of vehicles many with two drivers so you have several thousand people down here – all hungry and frustrated.”

Grateful recipients of RRT!

Grateful recipients of RRT!

20 thoughts on “Operation Stack”

  1. ninja says:

    wow!! i’m impressed…bet you had to work like ninjas (:)) – those drives sure appreciate it by the looks of things

    keep it up RRT… 🙂

  2. Charity Supporter 63 says:

    Well done – RRT does it again – in the spirit of The Good Samaritan on the M20 !

  3. Charity Supporter 63 says:

    Awesome operation in the spirit of the Good Samaritan – on the M20 – of all places –
    very well done – keep up the good work !

  4. OldRoller says:

    Is Operation Stack continuing.. It’s now the 27th July?

  5. Brian says:

    rrt are just the best!!!

  6. bob says:

    wow!! well done rrt!! you can see how thankful the lorry drivers are! awesome work…

  7. Gaston says:

    Excellent job for those lorry drivers – Thank you RRT – A true display of what christianity is . Care & compassion for all men

  8. Badger says:

    I think this is one of the best things the RRT have done! Keep it up. You are FANTASTIC!!

  9. Tim says:

    Excellent work RRT!
    You really have a huge task this time…

  10. Sil says:

    Well done again RRT. Those Lorry drivers would of been so grateful for food & water. Keep up the good work…

  11. CJ says:

    Fantastic service! Nothing worse than being stuck on a British motorway….;-D

  12. *friend* says:

    Brilliant work! Those guys look very grateful! Well done 🙂

  13. joc devy says:

    holy smokes …..INSANE
    keep it up ….is that lyle ??


  14. brenna ans shaya says:

    hey that is soooo cute ….do it more …keep it up!!
    luvin’ it!

    cheers seeya later!

  15. OldRoller says:

    Fantastic job RRT! You must have been nearly overwhelmed with thanks from the grateful drivers. Imagine being stuck in a lorry for 4 days without moving. Its bad enough being stuck on the M6 for half an hour…

  16. Queenslander AU says:

    Thanks so much for kindly caring for these stranded people. Hope their goods didn’t suffer from being delayed.

  17. dweeb says:

    RRT you are lifesavers – (did you hand them out too?! 🙂 )

    True to form: Serving people with care & compassion in times of need.

    3 cheers for RRT & 3 cheers for the lorry drivers! 😉

    1. CJ says:

      Do they have them in UK (Lifesavers)?

    2. polo says:

      no we call lifesavers polos…

  18. frenchy says:

    What a thing to be stuck on the motorway without any drinks, when it’s sooo hot outside !!!

    Thankfully, RRT’s always there to help…

    Thank you for giving these drivers something to refresh them !

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