Nottingham PBCC Collect for Hospital’s Charity

PBCC member Mr Fowler, hands over the cheque to the NCH

PBCC member Mr Fowler, hands over the cheque to the NCH

Hillside Gospel Hall Trust have raised £1965 for the Nottingham Hospitals Charity (Nottingham Children’s Hospital).

Nottingham Children’s Hospital have recently cared for a precious baby (one of the PBCC congregation), who was transferred for specialist care and treatment in one of the baby units, and it was the wonderful care this child received over a very traumatic time that triggered the desire to make a donation to the NCH.  This money was very gratefully received by the charity as they are currently undergoing extensive redevelopment & refurbishment work, so any extra funds are received with open arms!

Previously NCH have had other babies from the PBCC congregation, that have spent time in their numerous baby/child units, some of them in ICU, and they have all been looked after with loving care by the staff. It never ceases to amaze all who have experienced this level of care, how their highly trained nursing staff and doctors treat these tiny babies as if they were their own. One memory that one pbcc member has, is the tears in the doctor’s eyes when they took their recovered baby home after 3 weeks of neonatal care from birth. For all the criticism that gets leveled at the NHS in the UK, it’s this dedication of the staff that keeps the hospital system going, and the PBCC thank them all for it.

The PBCC were glad to offer the cheque of £1,965.00 to NCH in the belief that it will be put to good use in fulfilling others’ hopes and dependence on this God-given provision in Nottingham.

PBCC members and children with the hand over cheque.

PBCC members and children with the hand over cheque.

Thank you letter from Nottingham Hospital’s Charity

Thank you letter from Nottingham Hospital's Charity


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    Unbelievable generosity and care shown by PBCC members. Thank-you!

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    Good on you Nottingham. The Dr’s and nurses do an excellent job. Sure they will be encouraged by your generosity.

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