Northern Ireland RRT Supports Causeway Coast

Rapid Relief Teams from Warrenpoint and Londonderry in Northern Ireland were honoured to provide assistance at one of the most scenic charity marathons in the world.

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On the 27th October the North-West RRT based in Londonderry and the South-Down RRT based in Warrenpoint, joined forces to provide assistance and refreshments for those making a huge sacrifice for charity in this fabulous event.


Every year over a thousand enthusiastic runners set to the rugged terrain of the Causeway Coast in the name of charity. The Causeway Coast Marathon is one of Ireland’s biggest running events that raises money for many different charities and causes throughout UK and Ireland.

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Causeway Coast Marathon

35 thoughts on “Northern Ireland RRT Supports Causeway Coast”

  1. me says:

    kevin levin

  2. biggles says:

    that is brillllllllllllllllllll
    keep it up

  3. go irish says:

    it wasn’t actually done by an Englishman!! my brother did most of it and he’s not an Englishman! we used 2 live in England.. like 10 yrs ago!!!!!

    1. Warrenpoint LTL says:

      Irish by contamination……

  4. fancy nancy says:

    I’M SAD I WASN’T THERE…………………………………………………

  5. flanigan says:

    Very good work rrt ireland, very impressed!!!! Great work! I’m sure you will be appreciated again in the near future!!

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