New Forest Home Burnt to the Ground

At around 6:30pm on Tuesday 2nd November, eight fire crews from three counties attended a fire at a detached house in Woodgreen, Fordingbridge. Around 70 firefighters fought the blaze as it ripped through the building destroying everything in its path.

Villagers from the close-knit community could only watch in horror as the flames tore through the large detached property.


Stuart Hall, chair of Woodgreen Parish Council, said residents of the village were ‘truly sad’ for the family.

“They are lovely people”, he said. “They were out at the time the fire began, but returned when it was raging. It was very sad”.

“We are all very very upset about it – it is difficult to imagine the sense of loss they must feel” he said.

At around 9:15pm, the Southampton Rapid Relief Team were called by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service requesting catering and welfare support for the 70 firefighters and other emergency staff that were at the scene.

The devastating scene

The devastating scene

A team of RRT volunteers quickly mobilised and were soon on their way with the catering support unit arriving on site around 10:30pm and shortly after were serving hot and cold drinks along with snacks to the exhausted emergency personnel and neighbours.

A well-deserved refreshment break

A well-deserved refreshment break

A second Rapid Relief Team arrived on site just after midnight with equipment and supplies to provide hot food and 20 minutes later were serving delicious cheese burgers which were gratefully welcomed by the hard working fire crew.

A happy crew

A happy crew

Compressed air foam systems were used to protect nearby buildings, and crews remained at the scene well into the night.

3 thoughts on “New Forest Home Burnt to the Ground”

  1. Johnny B says:

    We all have our heartfelt sympathies for the lovely family who lost their home. Way to go RRT for being there!-keep up the great work!! 🙂

  2. Granny says:

    Glad that the RRT are able to help like this – every little bit of assistance and encouragement must be welcomed, by the fire crews, and the poor family involved. Keep up the good work!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Sympathies to the family who’ve lost everything – some of us have no idea what a desperate feeling that must be.

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