Neither hell nor high water prevents parishioners getting to church

When the water main burst in Andover Road, Winchester, for the 3rd time in as many years, the Rapid Relief Team volunteers from the nearby Plymouth Brethren Christian Church sprang into action.

Plymouth Brethren - Burst Water Main

Burst Water Main

On previous occasions, the ruptured main had caused flooding to residential properties, and the team had helped residents clear floodwater and debris from both the road and their properties. They’d also provided some very welcome refreshments.

Plymouth Brethren - Flooding The Streets

Flooding The Streets

This time, the main burst further up Andover Road, at the corner of Bereweeke Road, which caused a torrent of water to rush down the main road and straight towards the city centre. The drains were unable to cope, the junction with City Road began to flood, and neighbouring retail premises were in real danger of being completely flooded. Because of the sheer volume of water and the freezing temperatures, Hampshire Police quickly decided to close the road for safety.

Plmouth Brethren -Tide of Fresh Water

Tide of Fresh Water

Our team were kept extremely busy assisting police for some time, until the burst main had been isolated and the flooding was under control. Our volunteers assisted in the road closure, arranged for the delivery of sandbags, speedily sandbagged the retail premises to successfully prevent flooding. They also assisted police with traffic control and the safe detouring of motorists along alternative routes. Nothing was too much trouble for these dedicated volunteers — one of the team even carried an old lady through the floods so she could get to church! The police were extremely grateful for their assistance, saying
“It’s not often we get to work alongside such volunteers, but I am truly grateful for all the hours you and your team spared this morning, more so as it’s Easter weekend. And also for helping me with traffic control, pacifying angry motorists, and most importantly carrying the old lady across the flood so she could go to church! Your place in Heaven has been reserved!”

Plymouth Brethren - Email from PC Amie Padfield

Email from PC Amie Padfield

4 thoughts on “Neither hell nor high water prevents parishioners getting to church”

  1. Lloyd says:

    what a team… no doubt you felt drained and utterly washed out after this fantastic effort!
    keep it up you guys

  2. William Joyce says:

    You are good sandbaggers, PBCC.

  3. Simon Nother says:

    Good effort PBCC, especially helping the elderly lady get to church. Impressed.

  4. Zet says:

    Talk about having a splashing time! What a wonderful demonstration of the way the PBCC help out in the local community.
    Your dedication, even on a public bank holiday demonstrates the true Christian spirit.
    Good on you all – keep up the good work.

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