Member of Parliament visits Public Outreach Day

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach Day

MP, Amber Rudd visits Plymouth Brethren Outreach Day at Hastings

On Saturday August 3rd, Amber Rudd, MP for Hastings and Rye, joined the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in St. Leonards-on-Sea. It was the Brethren’s second Public Outreach Day of 2013 and followed on from a successful event last year.

Free food for all

It was a very welcoming atmosphere, enjoyed by over fifty people of all ages and from many walks of life. As always, food was provided for everyone, free of charge. Much to some people’s surprise!

Freshly cooked gourmet hamburgers and chips along with soft drinks and ice-creams straight from an ice-cream van were enjoyed by all.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach Day

Ice-creams enjoyed by young and young-at-heart

Charlton Brooker had been invited by one of his friends and brought Ralph, his young son along. He really enjoyed the ice-cream. Jim Truman even had a second cone — after all, they really were free that day.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach Day

Good tucker

Free bibles

As well as free food, the Brethren team distributed bibles which were warmly received by many of the attendees.

Amber was keen to know more about the work of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. She was also particularly interested to find out how receptive members of the general public were to the gift of a bible.

During her visit, she took the opportunity to chat to a number of Brethren and also to several members of the public who were quick to endorse the event.

Jim and Sue Truman from Hollington said they were thrilled to meet her. They told her how much they enjoyed being there and that they had attended the event previously.

A much-needed service to the community
Hastings is known as a deprived area where the residents face many challenging issues including poor transport links such as the A21, in particular.

Speaking to a reporter, the visiting MP stated that the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church provided a much-needed service to the Hastings community. Thanks to the PBCC, no-one needed to go hungry in Hastings that Saturday and many are hoping for another event soon.

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  1. Walls Icecream says:


  2. tom smith says:

    i could do with a bit of grub now

  3. Mable says:


    I couldn’t see the movie either and when I tried to update flash player it said it was already installed on my PC – any more ideas?

    1. Geegee says:

      Buy a new computer?

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      Make sure it is the right Flash Player for your browser.

      IE has a different one to Firefox or Google Chrome.

  4. Smithy says:

    No such thing as a free lunch? The PBCC are out to change all that!! People think it’s too good to be true – but it IS – just like Christianity! I always love helping out at these events, it’s great to see such a variety of people enjoying the atmosphere, quality food and safe company. Everyone leaves these events with a brighter spirit and great satisfaction, I thoroughly recommend them to all. See you there!

  5. Damon says:

    I was at this event, it was an excellent day – met some of my old school friends from year 4

  6. oooolala! says:

    Far out! – that looks awesome!
    I recon I could do with some of that grub right now…! 🙂
    do these events only happen in the UK?

  7. CJ says:

    Good to see the smiles on all faces – recipients and servers!

  8. licorice says:

    I can’t get the video. when I right click on it it says ‘movie not loaded’. any tips?

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      Update your Adobe Flash Player plugin at

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      thanks.. 🙂 it’s working now, except I can only see the MP in the video – part of it is cut off. Any tips for this..?!?

  9. Granny says:

    We’ve had a couple of these days here, and it was amazing what people said. We had a good mention in the local press too.
    One lady got a free Bible the first time and came back specially to get another the second time, so she could give it to her granddaughter.
    We also had one of our MPs here on the first day, Lorraine Fulbrook, and she was extremely supportive. Pity we never thought to get a video! That is just so excellent of Amber Rudd and the Hastings PBCC. keep it up, we never know where the seed will sprout and grow….

    1. Brookside says:

      Granny – you make me laugh – I love your comments – make sure you keep on blogging!

  10. jollygoodjobbob says:

    No joke – an icecream van too? You guys are fantastic!

  11. Ozzie PBCC says:

    Awesome work everyone 🙂

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