Londonderry Rapid Relief Team offer support at security alert.

RRT attended the scene of the security alert in Eglinton near Londonderry this morning.
They were contacted by the targeted member of the PSNI, who having firstly attempted to make local contact, used the RRT website to reach one of the Directors. The call was then passed onto the Local Team Leader. The Core Team were on site at 6:10am – 45 minutes after the first phone call.

Police surround the scene of where the bomb was placed.

Police surround the scene of where the bomb was placed.

Police were alerted to suspicious activity outside a house at around 2.45am on Thursday morning and when they arrived, they found an explosive device under a car parked out a house.
Army bomb disposal experts were sent to the scene and confirmed it was an Under Vehicle Improvised Explosive Device capable of causing death or serious injury, under the car of a serving police officer.
Fifteen homes were evacuated in the very early hours of the morning during the alert.

RRT Tent at the ready

RRT Tent at the ready

The local RRT team arrived complete with BBQ, to serve hot bacon and sausage rolls, coffee, tea and doughnuts to those affected (including one upset cocker-spaniel dog!) They were a welcome sight to the many tired and hungry.

Police take a break at the RRT tent

Police take a break at the RRT tent

They received a fantastic response – Some messages of thanks included – “A real Christian thing you are doing today” and “We’ve never had anything like this before, really appreciate what you are doing”
Local Politicians and Senior Police Officers, took a united and resolute stand against the act of terror –
First Minister Peter Robinson said: “This was a clear attempt to harm a police officer who is working for the good of everyone in our community. Everyone must stand united against those who would use violence and terror in our society and I unreservedly condemn those behind this incident.”
Mark Lindsay, chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland described the planting of the device “as an act of madness.”
The region’s Justice Minister David Ford added his condemnation of the attack. He said: “I unreservedly condemn the people who hide in darkness and seek to use extreme violence. No rational person can see that as a way forward.”

RRT at the end of the road where the bomb was located.

RRT at the end of the road where the bomb was located.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has strongly condemned the “evil agenda” of those responsible. He said: “I utterly condemn this attack – carried out by people steeped in the mind-set and means of past violence.”
Local RRT Team Leader commented – “We were pleased to offer our support, sympathy and solidarity to all those concerned today. The people of the town are shocked by the events. This occasion highlights our work in the community and how we are here for the good of all. Our team was able to mobilize within 45 minutes, even taking into consideration the time the event started at and I’d like to thank all who assisted this morning. I’d also like to complement all the emergency services involved here, they are taking every sensible step to keep the local residents safe and minimise any further impact on them”.


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  1. billfromcondo says:

    thank you brilliant effort

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thank goodness for all the emergency services – where would we be without them?

  3. Shine your light says:

    Compassion * Care * Community
    RRT Londonderry you have been given an opportunity to share your mission, values and vision today and brought a ray of light to some enduring a very dark night in their lives.

    ‘Let your light thus shine before men, so that they may see your upright works, and glorify your Father who is in the heavens.’ Math 5 v18

  4. !!!!AMAZED... says:

    WOW!!! that must have been an experience!!!!!
    well done rrt once again!!!!!!!!!

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    wow…..that sounds scary…
    well done RRT!!…great work!

  6. amazed says:

    keep it up RRT!

  7. OldRoller says:

    That was brave, considering a bomb might have gone off!
    You never know what these kind of violent people will do next. Thank goodness for all the police that work to keep us safe.

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