Living Our Beliefs – Social

PBCC Social Life

The Plymouth Brethren have a very interesting and varied social life. Young people are encouraged to develop relationships based on religion, education, music, exercise, sport, continental and overseas friendships, and engage in lively conversation and discussion. There is a strong emphasis on families in the PBCC, and youth are brought up in this healthy environment. Interaction with peer groups is encouraged and frequent, meaning young people develop healthy relationships with older generations and there is little segregation of age groups in social activities.

Young people are encouraged to keep fit and engage in a healthy lifestyle including walking, running, swimming and outdoor recreational pursuits as well as reading, research and study. Music plays an important part in the lives of young people and there are numerous musical groups among the brethren.

This short documentary provides a snapshot of how PBCC members socialize, shop, provide care and support for others, whilst at the same time enjoying themselves. Brethren often travel to many countries throughout the world, and enjoy meeting new people and relaxing with friends.


Living Our Beliefs – Social

19 thoughts on “Living Our Beliefs – Social”

  1. piggy says:


  2. friend of a friend says:

    Good to see your happy faces Kaylea and Elayne! Was that Thortons coffee shop?

  3. m00 says:

    Great video!
    Great to see the young folk enjoying themselves!!
    Great band you guys!!!

  4. Tins says:

    u r awesome……i would love a full recording……
    i am really looking forward to hearing u at Warwick this month… is gonna be so good……cannot wait….

  5. KA says:

    Awesome musicians! Can we have a full recording please!

  6. idgit says:

    can we have a full recording of the boys playing at the nursing home… They are awesome!!

    1. Me says:

      yes, please can we have the recording of the band at the nursing home, it looks purty interesting, thanx…

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’d love to go to Jamaica beach looks lush and water
    luv the music

  8. Me #2 says:

    cool music 🙂

  9. Linx says:

    Keep it up you lot,

    I have one problem though I can’t view the video, bit of a shame

  10. !!!!!!!!! says:

    keep up the support needed in Jamaica, fellos.
    well played musik!!!!!

  11. Hey... says:

    …that’s great stuff guys!!!
    Great to see the young ones enjoying themselves!!!
    Awesome playing!!!

    1. /blasfyums says:

      mm, I agree, good to see them doing what they do.
      hopefully they’ll invite us to come and watch the next annual intercampus football game!?

  12. coon says:

    v good- like the look of that beach!

    1. JCB says:

      beach?? Like the pun!

    2. Roger says:

      I think its a special kind of beach called ‘harv’

    3. Scout says:

      yeh and it ends wiv ‘ey’….

    4. me says:

      ‘cept this ‘beach’ is spelled beech…

  13. jayden says:

    well done

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