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For the Plymouth Brethren, the family is central to our beliefs and way of life. We enjoy time together just like other families around the world. Our children grow up loved and cared for, and are able to enjoy their childhood in a strong caring community where corporal punishment is not practised.

By following the guidance of the Holy Bible, we take lessons from the word of God in our family life just like we do in all other aspects of our lives. Respect for elders, neighbours and the general community, property, animals and the environment (creation) is promoted and upheld as a key principle of life. We are able to ensure the care and loving attention our children need, while teaching them the values of respect for their parents and faith in God.

This short documentary provides a snapshot of how young people in the PBCC spend their spare time and takes a brief look at family and married life.


20 thoughts on “Living Our Beliefs – Family”

  1. Hey says:

    about time I relocated!

  2. hi says:


  3. BILL says:


    Nice kid cudling the Teddy !…

  4. little me says:

    Lovely doings, so nice to see young ones enjoying themselves and not just hanging around doing nothing!

  5. SFFam says:

    Nice to see u 2, Bertie & Julia, hope Bertie’s staying away from the glass doors!

  6. bill says:

    nice jumps tasty meal?

  7. nice.. says:

    nice work boys…….. how cum u get a Trek Session with a fox setup!??!!
    r them other 2 bikes Lapieares???????

  8. hi says:

    cool stuff

  9. ! says:

    Interesting! You must have some serious “cobwebs” if that’s what it takes to blow them away…….;-)

  10. Paul says:


  11. tezzeriear says:

    nice bikes………….and tea

  12. ?1? says:

    love the little village that Bertie and his wife are walking through.

  13. Jon says:

    Very good to see family life being lived properly. So, your lifestyle is actually quite normal !!! or perhaps not so normal in today’s world, but its how every caring parent, and child would like to be.

  14. Tim Mounter says:

    Awesome, where do I sign up?

  15. 4C74 says:

    cool surfboards, nice bikes, nice looking tea everything looks great!!!!!

  16. Nick says:


    As not a member of your church, im very inspired by the way of life you people lead. It all looks super good fun. Biking, surfing, eating. I might join. Is life always this easy?
    The food looks very well prepared. Makes my fish-finger sandwich look quite bland.

    Keep up the good life – its always needed.

    God Bless you.

    1. pbcc kid :) says:

      it is fun! I’m a pbcc member and I love it! get to meet lots of ppl from around the world, get lots of support and encouragement from the community, everyone’s friendly…. I’m not leaving! 🙂

    2. pbcc kid# 2 says:

      same here always something going on!!!

  17. Me says:


    Nice bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like a nice tea!! invite us!


  18. liz says:

    Very inspiring

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