Living Our Beliefs – Business


Many brethren operate small or medium businesses in a very wide range of sectors – health, construction, building supplies, automotive, food, mining, chemical etc. and include warehousing, manufacturing, consulting and servicing.

Along with this diversity they vary in size and structure, but typically are well run and respected in their respective fields, and known as good employers.

Brethren tend to be industrious and are positive contributors to the economy, including the payment of taxes at all levels.

It is of note that they are privately owned, and have no connection with the PBCC whatever.

This short video documentary focuses on a small selection of these businesses, as typical examples.

Living Our Beliefs – Business

5 thoughts on “Living Our Beliefs – Business”

  1. ex-Liverpudlain... says:

    luverly to see all me old locals…
    ie Loz – Chaz etc.
    makes me kinda homesick..
    gorrany jobs ?

    1. Dragon says:

      Hey, kiellr job on that one you guys!

  2. Jan Archer says:

    What a great example !! seeing people loving challenges.

  3. Bob says:

    Pretty Awesome!!

    1. Hahaha says:

      That’s the third time you said that! Interesting video though…!!!

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