ITALY – RRT provide meals for the Emergency Services at Operation Amatrice Aug 2016

Following the horrendous earthquake on Wednesday 24th August 2016, RRT contacted the Emergency Services to offer help to rescue workers.

Following a successful meeting with the Fire and Rescue Commanders on Friday 26th, a suitable site was identified on Amatrice, one of the worst hit villages.


With fire and rescue personnel having only a cold bowl of rice and an apricot per day, RRT realised there was a massive need to be met, especially as the temperature was over 30C.

Saturday 28th RRT arrived on site to set up their initial camp.  Due to the enormity of the work the fire and rescue service needed to do, the area was not clear until 11.30am, so RRT started handing out water to those in need.



Eventually access to the site was gained at 12.15noon, site was cleaned and was all set up and ready to start serving meals at 1pm.  Enough food to feed 1400 people had been collected earlier in the day from Metro, along with 2000 cans of coke and 5000 bottles of water.




Gloves were also gratefully received which were donated by RRT.


The recuse workers were so thankful for what had been provided to them, that they started writing their thanks in a notebook.



After the first meal had been served, there were fewer people coming through, so RRT started to clean the windows of the fire and rescue vehicles.



Just before evening serving time, we were told we had to move our camp, to make room for a welfare unit that was arriving that afternoon, so the new camp looked like this:


As dusk fell, the queues began to form at the RRT camp for more refreshments, gloves, and many thanks were given to RRT for what they had provided.



4 thoughts on “ITALY – RRT provide meals for the Emergency Services at Operation Amatrice Aug 2016”

  1. Myself says:

    Well done RRT!!!!!
    You came to the rescue again.
    I’m sure everyone would appreciate the hard work that was involved!!

  2. Walter says:

    Keep Up The Good Work Italy

  3. Nola says:

    That is amazing to be able to provide so much at such short notice and so professionally. It would be so encouraging for those involved.

  4. Marion Farrant says:

    Well done to the RRT you are all truly a Mannah from Heaven.

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