Horsham PBCC Choir raises £600 and sing at St Catherine’s Hospice.

It was out of a simple desire that the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church choir from Horsham chose to perform for St Catherine’s Hospice (Crawley, West Sussex) to show their appreciation for the way they give those suffering from an illness a quality of life. All 30 choir members can remember the quality care provided by the hospice for a Horsham PBCC member giving him strength and support, physically and emotionally, in the last days of his life.

Through hard work, determination and effort, the choir performed twice to friends and family and raised £600 for the Hospice, showing gratitude to the staff for their service, care and dedication to the patients. The choir only practised for an hour a week, for 6 weeks before they went along to St Catherine’s Hospice. The result was a superb rendering of several well-known songs and gospel hymns including: Above All, Old Rugged Cross, Give them all to Jesus, Top of the World, It is no secret and How great thou Art.

This event was organised with a view to lifting the morale of the patients, and judging by the cheerful responses from the audience this certainly happened. Small bags containing a few gifts and some gospel literature were left for the patients and carers.

After the choir finished, members spoke to the patients giving them encouragement, telling them about the background of the PBCC. They left them feeling encouraged and with something to remember.

One particular patient, suffering from a terminal illness, was very affected by the fact that it was young people who were singing two of the hymns she has asked to be sung at her funeral. She thanked the choir very much for singing them.

The parting shot from the patients was ‘when are you coming back?’

Just watch this space…!

Plymouth Brethren Testimonial

STCH Testimonial_001

Above All

Old rugged cross

It is no secret

How great Thou art

Top of the world

Give them all to Jesus

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  1. Someone cool! says:

    awesome Jerry!!!! Gooooo!
    (and charlotte!)

  2. Asparagus Sprout says:

    Thank you.

  3. klkm says:

    VG and gr8.
    well done Jerry. 🙂

  4. amesome says:

    i love it VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

  5. Jan Parkes (NZ) says:

    What tune book is the ‘Above All’ tune in? It’s a nice one.

  6. example says:

    keep it up

  7. Tommi says:

    Great stuff all round – especially good to see Jerry + foot in action again – long time no hear!! Come down and give us a song again sometime!!

    PS what DO pins feel like? Never did find out!

  8. cooldude says:

    well dun luv the singin – it woz super!!!…………..
    gr8 foot tapping from Jerry!!

    1. Chris says:

      yeah i know!!

    2. Another cooldude says:

      It’s a special beat called Payne’s Taps…

      Great work all round, well done!

  9. T says:

    really made my day ,thankyou so much

    1. thankyou says:

      I was ill when this came on and it was definitely a benefit to the ‘getting better’ stage!!!
      Excellent playing, amazing harmony and fantastic enthusiasm in the singing!!!WELL DONE!!!

  10. justme says:

    I stumbled across this, and it’s really lifted my day – thank you so much, PBCC – it’s so refreshing to see your young people in action, for Jesus! – and for these dear old folk. And lovely songs that can’t help but cheer people up!

  11. Roots says:

    We can’t get all the songs, seems like some can??? PLEASE can they be in put in MP3 format so we can download them ASAP!!!!

    1. Me #2 says:

      Yeah please do!
      Good job, everyone – love the singing, love the songs!

  12. Nonsie says:

    Lovely to hear hymns being sung so enthusiastically. Don’t compare anyone who sings for the genuine reason of bringing cheer to souls! So long as the singers best is done (through being in the true joy of Christianity) and NOT for fame or recognition, what else matters?

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