Hertford Choir Care Home Video

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church visited an old people’s care home in Hoddesdon to perform a concert for them on 24th December 2013. Over 40 enthusiastic choral students from Hertford and Barnet spent many hours, often in the evenings practicing the songs, to a high standard.

The group consisted of a senior choir and a junior choir, who toured the home separately, performing in the many day rooms to the residents a wide variety of gospel songs and old favourites. He, Candy Cane Lane, Autumn Leaves and Onward Christian Soldiers, were some of the songs performed.

The harmonious music was greatly appreciated by the elderly residents, who joined in with the rhythm by foot tapping and clapping, and singing along to the music.

They were all presented with a goody gift bag as a present, which they were delighted with.

Comment from the Senior Events organiser of the nursing home was ‘you can see how much they are enjoying it by the look on their faces, it will be so interesting to hear their comments afterwards and over the next few days, this enjoyment will stay with them’.

It became evidently clear the performers enjoyed the event as much as the residents. Their message to the home was ‘We are doing this because we enjoy making people happy by singing to them’

40 thoughts on “Hertford Choir Care Home Video”

  1. yoyo says:

    were is Daniel hiding???

    1. moo says:

      it was a voluntary choir and he didn’t join

  2. klkm says:

    Can we have the words of Autumn Leaves and Onward Christian Soldiers.
    Gr8 singing………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Autuman Leaves says:

      The falling leaves drift by my window,
      The falling leaves of red and gold.
      I see your lips, the summer kisses,
      The sun-burnt hands I used to hold.

      Since you went away, the day grow long,
      and soon I’ll hear, soon I’ll hear old winter’s song,
      But I miss you most of all my darling, most of all,
      When autumn leaves start to fall.


      Since you went away, the days grow long,
      And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song.
      But I miss you most of all my darling,
      When autumn leaves start to fall. they start to fall.
      I miss you most of allmy darling,
      When autumn leaves start to fall.

  3. nwp says:

    Could this video be put in the videos section: http://www.plymouthbrethrenchristianchurch.org/media/videos/latest-videos/ please?

    I love this choir most of all!!
    It would be nice if full versions of each song could be put on here – esp. Autumn Leaves – an amazing & beautiful song!

    Thankyou again

  4. Scout Finch says:

    Where is Georgie hiding???…Very good singing..

  5. me says:

    how young i feel?? in a care home??!!

    1. Granny says:

      Why not? – You’re as young as you feel!!
      It’s just what old folk need reminding of!!

  6. Well dunn! says:

    Yep, it woz really…………………….. well OK.
    That granny sure luvz them. YUK R US

  7. Roots says:

    Well done everyone, just what these folks need to make their day, carers and cared for alike!!
    It’s great to see the young and old together and happy too!!
    Keep up the great work and God Bless you all.

    1. XYZ123 says:


  8. 12345 says:

    The grandpa’s and grannies certainly enjoyed it, they were hugging people and conducting!!!

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