Haslemere Fire – PBCC Keep Firemen Stoked.

A fire at a stately home in Haslemere led to 80 firemen being called to put out the fire and ensure structural safety after the home had suffered extensive damage from smoke and water.

Crews from Haslemere, Liphook, Guildford, Chertsey and Bognor were called to the home on Saturday 19th March to assist with this major incident.

Plymouth Brethren - Firemen  - Haslemere Fire

While the emergency crews were at work the local Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team set up to  provided refreshments to the crews which was a welcome relief in the rain and freezing conditions.

With icy cold wind and rain making work miserable for the firemen, Plymouth Brethren kept the fire fighters spirits up by supplying them with hot food and drinks,

All members of the emergency services expressed thankfulness with one fireman saying “you guys do such a great job! I hope you are able to come next time we are called out.”


10 thoughts on “Haslemere Fire – PBCC Keep Firemen Stoked.”

  1. Kim Jong-eun says:

    I agree, true spirit of christianity displayed here…why can’t the CC leave them alone.

  2. A Firefighter says:

    Hi, Just like to express my thanks to the PB Rapid Relief Team for attending three calls I have been on where they were exposed to the same sub zero temperatures as us and kept a smile on their face whilst ensuring EVERYONE on the fireground got a hot drink and something to eat.

    The sacrifice these individuals suffer to ensure we are fed and watered is humbling. Best of British. Thank you

  3. anony-mouse says:

    Is there anything about the fire at East Meon, Hants that was attended by the PBCC on Fri 29th & Sat 30th March?

    1. Anonymous2 says:

      I haven’t heard about it?!

    2. mum says:

      Yes, the RRT team did attend the East Meon fire. I know some who worked in sub-zero temp. to feed our brave, dedicated fireman.

    3. mum says:

      Whoops! Hit the wrong key. I meant firemen!!

    4. Spud says:

      You can now see the East Meon fire as a separate post. The RRT were on site providing hot refreshments from 8.30pm Good Friday through till 3.30pm the following day.

  4. the owners of the houe says:

    It was really unbelievable that they were so quickly on site. Coffee, cookies, bacon butties and more for all these brave fire crews and us. Never seen this before. We as a family and our neighbours are very grateful what these members of Plymouth Brethren have done! Prime example of spirit in the community. Many, many thanks!

  5. Peter Rabbit says:

    Good on you PBCC…….keep it up……..

  6. Fred Blogs says:

    You do a great job, keep up the great work

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