Harlow feeding the homeless

It was a perfect day for a BBQ, when 16 volunteers from The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) arrived at Abercrombie Hall in Harlow on June 6th.

The RRT provided a free lunch for members of the local community including some homeless that hadn’t eaten for three days!

Setting up the stands…

Setting up the stands…

Locals relaxed in the beautiful weather, eating their lunch whilst enjoying the excellent live band which played throughout the event.

The Live Band in Full Swing

The Live Band in Full Swing

Many burgers and sausages were freshly cooked on BBQs and served in soft buns, with salad and free drinks to go with it.


Below are some comments of those that attended:

“I hadn’t eaten for three days”, and then consumed 11 burgers!

“Enjoyed the food… Let us know when you are doing it again!”

“The food was epic!”



The RRT continues to reach out to the community in need, in many other ways.

18 thoughts on “Harlow feeding the homeless”

  1. Could we please hav a vid………….chz

  2. Colin says:

    nice work lads. you look stunning joshy boy

  3. jo says:

    awesome! i reckon the food must have been reeeally ‘epic’ especially if some folks managed to eat 11 burgers!!! And can imagine the releif to that poor mans stomach….phew three whole days without food…..i think we should be a LOT more thankful for the amount of food we can have each day…

  4. recordings' lover says:

    could we PLEASE have some recordings…..unless there isn’t any that is ok….but if there is PUT them ON!!!

    fabulous work RRT…

  5. mary poppins says:

    nice work Harlow…..its a good thing that you made heaps of burgers because if everyone ate around 11 burgers that would be a lot of burger flippin’ going on :0

  6. Christie's Biscuits Manager says:

    very well done! what a jolly good way to share your kindness RRT!
    your consumers look fed and happy 🙂

  7. Marie-Janey Popermat says:

    Hi!! nice job RRT……was there any recordings done of the band that you could share please? Thank you!!

  8. wow says:

    well done again RRT
    where are the recordings…can we hear them…looks like a good band….

  9. me says:

    well done every Irish Lad & Lassie!!!!!

  10. Me says:


    where exactly is Harlow?
    America, Aussie, NZ?

    1. RRT fan says:

      prolly the uk seeing as this is on the “United Kingdom Blog” as shown at the top-left hand side of this blog 🙂
      sometimes it helps to read before you comment…..

      nice work RRT!!! could we have some recordings Admin perchance? 🙂

    2. .... says:

      West Essex, UK… 🙂

    3. Bodfrey says:

      Essex, England
      Pls can we have recordings :):)

    4. google mapper says:


      according to “Google Maps” Harlow is Essex, UK!

      I do stand corrected tho 🙂

    5. dweeb says:

      Harlow is in England! – hence why this article is on the UK blog! 🙂

      if you click on the link below it will show you where Harlow is:

      The Hertford RRT attended this event, being the closest.

    6. BHCalcutta says:

      Goodness graciousness – none of them! Where exactly did you enjoying your holidays?
      My dear chaps I suppose you’re going to tell me you also don’t know who The Rt Hon Robert Halfon is…

  11. bobby says:

    hey cant seem to see any recordings? could someone put some on here for us to enjoy as well?
    vg good job RRT!!! cant imagine not eating for 3 days…….

  12. John says:

    Please can we have the recordings on the post , if there are any
    Esp. as they are described as excellent

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