Flooded Homes in Westergate, near Chichester

The recent extreme weather saw homes in Westergate threatened by floodwater. On Friday 14th February, when many were preparing for a Valentines night out, some home owners were forced to take drastic action to preserve home contents from the rising floodwaters. And at least 3 homes, one a 400 year old cottage, were under several inches of water.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team

The busy refreshment point

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13 thoughts on “Flooded Homes in Westergate, near Chichester”

  1. Anony-muss says:

    Exactly anony-mouse…
    As if it would be the “real” Brad Paisley… Just someone who thinks he’s funny…
    Grow up…! 🙂

  2. Fred Tom says:

    Awesome job everyone!!

  3. Granny says:

    Am I the only one who can’t follow these comments?
    They don’t seem too connected with the actual article!
    Let’s just congratulate the team who attended at Chichester, in such inclement weather. Keep up the good work!

    1. Magdalene says:

      Wow truly awesome work!! These people never cease to amaze me !

      As for those of you randomly using the artist names… this post is actually about people helping those with flooded homes?? If you cant follow that, then maybe don’t comment ?!?! This is not a social chat site.

    2. gop05 says:

      In FULL agreement granny…AMEN

  4. Hunter Hayes says:

    great stuff….rrt deserve the praise they are getting!

  5. brad says:

    They have done a stunning good job. congrats. anyway i have to get back to my studio. well done RRT. i wouldlike to play with those peopleon the video also. sounds goodmusic.

    1. gavin says:

      yes they are doing a stunning job. it is cool to agree with someone so famous. i think the deserve a medal. wow are you the real Brad paisley? well done RRT

    2. weluvlaserprinters says:

      yes they are doing awsome job. i agree with you Mr Paisley. you should go and sing for them.

    3. Garth Brooks says:

      yeah me too! They’re good… 🙂

    4. Toby Keith says:

      awesome…. how about joining them when they do their next performance in summer…?

    5. Bryan says:

      Yeah guys why don’t we get together for big bash!

      I’ll bring my favorite guitar!

    6. anony-mouse says:

      Please keep the comments relevant!

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