Duvet Donation!

When Shrewsbury Councillor Miles Kenny raised an appeal for bedding, blankets and duvets for donation for homeless people back in November, the Plymouth Brethren congregation in the town rallied round to support.

Miles commented that “November is a good month for this sort of appeal as we usually have our first frosts then and people are beginning to think of giving, with Christmas coming up”.

The scheme started three years ago when Mr Kenny received a call from a resident who was having a clear out, and had some surplus blankets and wanted to put them to better use. Said Mr Kenny “So off I went to collect them. I had a Renault Scenic at the time, an MPV, and the car was filled. The following year – 2011 – I spoke with two local Charity shops – The Ark and Homes For All – about recycling these ‘rainy day’ blankets for their use. So began the first appeal.

Plymouth Brethren UK

Shrewsbury PBCC delivering the vast amount of duvets in response to the appeal.

Manager of The Ark, a drop in centre in Shrewsbury set up to help the homeless and vulnerable, said “I am very grateful to those who have given so kindly to the Blanket Appeal”. He says “A huge delivery of blankets, rugs, pillows, and mattresses was donated by the Plymouth Brethren”.

Members of the Plymouth Brethren congregation quickly showed their commitment and dedication to support this worth cause and Mr Kenny said the appeal had “generated enough donations of blankets, sleeping bags, sheets and duvets to fill a three bedroom house”.


Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

PBCC members with the Shrewsbury Councillor Mike Kenny.

Mr Kenny spoke of the Plymouth Brethren “They are very much involved in the community, helping the less fortunate and demonstrating their involvement. The brethren have risen to the occasion, with overwhelming generosity.”

“One other thing is that faith groups usually get a bit of a bashing, sometimes for their lack of generosity; nothing could be less true for the Plymouth Brethren, and the blanket appeal has demonstrated just that”.

Plymouth Brethren UK

25 thoughts on “Duvet Donation!”

  1. Susan Underwood says:

    Hi are you still wanting old duvets as I have 2 I no longer need. Thanks

  2. eRTe says:


  3. Wow says:

    Blistering Barnacles what a brain-wave! Bedding Blankets and Duvets to help the homeless. Glad that someone can co-ordinate this effort.
    Well done Shrewsbury

  4. Russier says:


  5. Walloon says:

    you must be very tired after all your good work.
    keep it up Ted and Gordy

    1. Featherbed says:

      i agree Walloon. No doubt the participators slept on the idea-hence it was a comfortable success.
      keep up the good work you Salopians, the Ark residents must be pleased that they have a bed, especially with all the rain coming down.
      Good night.

  6. D F Poodle says:

    Well done Shrewsbury Council and PBCC for helping those in need. Just wondering, is Councillor Kenny on the left or the right in the photos?

    1. H says:

      Right – the one with the moustache
      The caption on the newspaper article has them all named in order.

  7. Roots says:

    Well done PBCC in Shrewsbury for your warm hearted generosity.

  8. Rhianocerous says:

    excellent job!! very thoughtful and generous of those in Shrewsbury!!!!

  9. nivlac says:

    well done all the PBCC in shrewsbury

  10. AD5hj says:

    What an excellent achievement!
    There must have been a lot of time, work and effort been put in!

  11. Aussie says:

    Good to see this article! Here, our old blankets have been used for sick wombats! Never trash stuff – someone out there can use it for sure!

  12. Twins says:

    well done for PBCC!! keep up good work 🙂

  13. Bedhead! says:

    fine duvet day in shrewsbury!! well done all 🙂

  14. wawa says:

    well done…keep up the good work!!
    great job..very thoughtful 🙂

  15. Giraffe says:

    grand job folks, keep up the excellent work for the ark.
    does anyone know why its called the ark?

    1. Best of British says:

      well being a nearby resident, I guess you would Knoah Mr Giraffe

    2. Dolder says:

      I don’t know but apparently their newsletter is called 6-14 (as in Genesis 6v 14…. Make thyself an ark….) if that helps?!

    3. Pillowcase says:

      or after the Arc du Triomphe?

  16. Anna says:

    Very well done. I’m sure this generosity will be much appreciated.

  17. Granny says:

    Is there anywhere in the North West we can take all our spare duvets and sleeping bags to? I didn’t think charity shops would have them, but I have been wondering if they would be acceptable to help homeless people. Can someone post a blog on here if they know of a scheme like this grand effort by Mr Kenny and the PBCC in Shrewsbury – well done folks!!

    1. MaryJ says:

      If you have a Food Bank in your area (see http://www.trusselltrust.org for your nearest) they might know who would accept this kind of donation.

  18. C says:

    Well done.
    Need knows no season: what would you do for the homeless in hot weather? Chilled water?

    1. Brainbox says:

      ice creams, air con, trip to Antarctic, just a few bright ideas!!!!!!!!

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