Donation of Park Benches by Plymouth Brethren Church

Plymouth Brethren

Jeremy Briston of PBCC hands over park bench to the Mayor.

Recently, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Norwich decided to offer a park bench to each of the nine Parish and Town councils around their city hall.  These benches were of three types made of either wood, metal or a combination of both, with a small brass plaque showing who had donated them.

All the councils were very pleased to accept the offer and the matter of the type they preferred and the location of the site in which they wished to place them, was discussed and agreed at their council meetings.  Members of the Brethren liaised with some of the councils in making these decisions.

Seven of these benches have now been supplied and fixed in a variety of locations, including beside public roads, in a park, a playing field, a children’s play area and a cemetery.  All the councils and also members of the public have expressed their appreciation of them – one town council even held an official unveiling ceremony, attended by the mayor, and a member of the Brethren.

8 thoughts on “Donation of Park Benches by Plymouth Brethren Church”

  1. 12345 says:

    I wonder what the PBCC will do next?????????

  2. dunce says:

    nice 1 jeremy

  3. annie says:

    so cool to see these benches in the local park……….and use them!!!

  4. pom says:

    these benches are simply splendiferous so helpful to everyone whether it is a hurt neice or a puffing and overweight person like me!!! 🙂

  5. dickharryortom says:

    i have also seen these benches in our area, and have used them!!! great things these benches……………….

    1. nonamouse says:

      I haven’t seen a bench yet, we need some in Liverpool
      that’s where i cum from

  6. Granny says:

    This is a great public amenity, and no doubt the benches will be well used and appreciated for years to come. A few weeks ago we were having a walk in our own local area and were beginning to feel really tired. Suddenly we spied a lovely wooden bench like this and gratefully sat down to rest our weary limbs. Then I noticed a little plaque on the back – and what did it say? “Donated by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church”!!

    1. Windy says:

      I was in our local park a while back with my niece – she fell and hurt herself and we went and sat on this lovely new bench – again, I suddenly noticed it said “Donated by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church” – I reckon there must be quite a few of these benches around! Well done PBCC and thank you.

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