‘Clean for The Queen’ Campaign receives major boost from RRT

Saturday 19th March saw volunteers from Doncaster and Sheffield Rapid Relief Teams join forces to help clear up the streets of North & South Anston, Yorkshire.

Clean up for the Queen - RRT

There’s plenty of rubbish to collect if you look for it!

This was just one of more than 80 events organised by the RRT throughout the streets of England, in support of the Clean for the Queen campaign.  This is a campaign to clear up Britain in time for Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday, which will be celebrated in June 2016.

Clean up for the Queen in RRT vehicles

RRT support vehicles were on hand for larger items

The event in North and South Anston involved 14 dedicated RRT team members who collected 60 full bags of litter in just three and a half hours!

RRT help 'Clean up for the Queen'

RRT at the end of the day are always happy to help!


4 thoughts on “‘Clean for The Queen’ Campaign receives major boost from RRT”

  1. Kiw says:

    great job guys, such a sweet smile Loren!! LOL!!!!

  2. Lou says:

    Good Queen Liz will be chuffed!

  3. well done says:

    excellent work RRT!

  4. RRT GRANNY says:

    Hope the queen notices!

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