City Centre Blaze – Leeds

A severe fire broke out Wednesday 1/10/14 at 7:19pm in the buildings previously occupied by former nightclub ‘The Majestyk’ in Leeds City Square.

Firefighters from all over West Yorkshire we called in to fight the blaze that was raging on both floors of the 2 storey Grade II listed building.  Traffic on nearby roads ground to a virtual standstill as police put diversions and restrictions in place.  As the evening … Continue to read

Former Majestyk Nightclub in Flames

Former Majestyk Nightclub in Flames

7 thoughts on “City Centre Blaze – Leeds”

  1. Just Me.... says:


    Wow u r epic Leeds…heehee…!! U r quite good at having fires tho hey..??

    Keep it up Leeds…I’ll come and c ya 1 day..!!

  2. YC says:

    Good on Leeds RRT, and could someone thank Jed Christie for his honest and inspiring account of his life.

  3. Jib says:

    Well done Leeds…. Keep at it.


  4. Goov says:

    Well done White Rosers!
    A good nights work, lucky you some practise of all night jobs lately! (-;

  5. Yay! says:

    Well done RRT – always there to support!

  6. Granny says:

    Good on Leeds RRT – Were you out all night while we were tucked up in bed?

    1. john says:

      yes if you were in bed that is.

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