PBCC Provides Refreshments at Hard Days Night Fire

Thursday 14th February 2013, there was a fire in the 5th floor pent house suite of the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in the centre of Liverpool.  The local Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, whose main gospel hall is in Allerton Road, sent in their Rapid Response Team (RRT) to provide a much appreciated refreshment station for the emergency services involved.   The team, which is part of national organisation set up by the church to assist emergency services at serious incidents, served hot and cold drinks and food to a steady stream of fire & police workers throughout the evening.

PBCC - Pic 3 Liverpool Fire Refreshments

The Emergency Services welcomed the RRT and were grateful for what they were providing saying that the team were a ‘god-send’. One of the fireman commented afterwards that the brethren’s RRT were ‘a lovely team who kept calm and didn’t get in the way’.  He said they impressed everyone, and in fact when the fire crews returned to the station the first thing to be mentioned in the debrief was the wonderful team who had provided refreshments throughout the evening!

Liverpool - PBCC As Happy As

The fire was dealt with successfully, and even merited a visit from Merseyside’s own pink fire engine during the course of the evening.

Liverpool _ Pink Fire Truck


7 thoughts on “PBCC Provides Refreshments at Hard Days Night Fire”

  1. Brad says:

    Awesome photo of that big lad hugging the emergency services guy! Liverpool people must feel very safe with you Plymouth Brethren people around. All these blog posts are very interesting, pointing up the real-life Christianity that’s being shown by these brethren.

  2. Laura says:

    I don’t exactly know why it was there or anything but i do know that the people serving the firemen were pleased to see it!!!
    Granny, they worked throught the night and carried on as though nothing had happened – just had another story to tell to people. It’s part of the PBCC’s life

    1. sorter says:

      if the fire truck is zoomed up on, despite the pixelation difficulties, it says “ACTION ON CANCER” in bubble writing. it could be mooted that it was for a charity sponsorship event, but was diverted to greater need throught the course of action?

  3. ACD says:

    Encouragement and refreshment for our hard pressed emergency services in all weathers at all hours, given willingly – even with a smile! Thanks RRT for reminding us what christianity is all about.

    1. Granny says:

      The PBCC RRT worked into the night yet again, and they had worked at their normal jobs all day as well!! Great stuff – keep at it!! the RRTs have truly found their niche, haven’t they??
      Can someone tell us about the pink fire engine??????

  4. Ozzie PBCC says:

    Great efforts RRT. I know some of you guys over there and know you’d do a great job assisting with needs that may arise…….

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