Brethren tackle 4ft drifts to rescue stranded motorists.

On the 22nd March a snow storm hit the South East of England. The snow and high winds caused great chaos on the roads right when many were returning home from work.

Plymouth Brethren - Well and Truly Stuck

Motorists faced a night in their cars stuck in snow drifts, but thanks to the Rapid Relief Team from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church which was equipped with Landrovers, tow equipment, shovels and food, many were able to reach their homes.

PBCC - Landie

PBCC - Landie 2









One motorist who was well and truly stuck was particularly grateful to the RRT.  He had been stuck for over 3 hours along with other motorists.  He said “three other people had come along in 4×4 vehicles but being unable to reach us, they turned back leaving us helpless. However, when the Brethren Team arrived they set to work with shovels enabling the Landrovers to be hitched up one  to another and eventually freed us”.

A member of the RRT who was involved in the rescue operation said “by the time we got to these cars they were buried in up to 4ft of snow. There were young children in one vehicle and a diabetic in another”.  He said “we set out at 5pm and came across car after car, some with very distressed drivers.  We managed to get all of them going on their journey again except for one who we took to a hotel”.

The following day there was still a lot of chaos on the roads, so a team from the Brethren went out again with a tractor which proved very useful in towing lorries to get roads clear.

PBCC -  Tractor Pulling Cars

PBCC - Tractor Pulling Lorry









As one member of the team said “it certainly took some doing, but we weren’t going to give up”.

PBCC - Tractor

6 thoughts on “Brethren tackle 4ft drifts to rescue stranded motorists.”

  1. B says:

    Very many thanks RRT/PBCC, those motorists have a lot to be thankful for! I am from the South East, but fortunately I was at home when the storm hit! It was so bitterly cold outside though, with a high wind (no telling what the wind-chill factor must have been!), so I didn’t envy anyone being out that night… You guys did a fantastic job in VERY difficult conditions – thanks again.

  2. Mike says:

    Well Done for all your hard work, this is not easy and shows the good work RRT do, Keep it up

  3. Julie says:

    WOW!! such incredible work you guys do….. to think what trauma these stranded motorists were going thru….. !!
    thanks again RRT

  4. Ozzie PBCC says:

    Man alive…….I’ve never seen snow – let alone like that!!!!
    Good on the PBCC for helping in such a situation…

  5. Zet says:

    You Plymouth Brethren are amazing – just look at the pictures of those vehicles stuck – I didn’t realise how bad the weather had been!
    I don’t have the slightest doubt that the drivers were very glad to see you and will never forget your kindness.
    If I ever get stuck, I sincerely hope you people are around to help me.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. PBCC kid says:

      Hey Zet, THANX A LOT- it’s great to know that people appreciate what we do!!!

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