Brethren Family Businesses

A high proportion of Plymouth Brethren members operate family businesses. They recognise and follow through on their responsibility to provide for their families financially by earning an honest living. This also allows them to serve the community by communicating with and distributing to those in need, as well as contributing to the Church.

Members’ businesses include a diverse range of fields, such as distribution and sales in clothing, architecture, rehabilitation aids, food and manufacturing. Plymouth Brethren members are also involved in the import and resale of hardware for industry, such as welding equipment.

Plymouth Brethren members serve their local community by collectively employing within their businesses thousands of people, many of whom are non-Brethren.

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in business

Independence from the Church

All businesses owned by Plymouth Brethren operate independently of the Church and do not fund the Church. Likewise the Church does not provide any funding for businesses owned by Plymouth Brethren members. Belonging to the Church does not provide special exemptions, privileges, concessions, tax breaks, etc.

Use of Technologies

It is true that as a rule the Plymouth Brethren generally have been cautious in embracing new technologies brought about through the digital age. The prime concern has been how to use these technologies without any harm to the user. As the ability to do this has developed, tools have been embraced to enable Plymouth Brethren members to operate their businesses effectively, and in full accordance with financial and legal requirements.

Ethics and Transparency

In accordance with the guiding principles of the Church, Brethren are committed to ensuring that their businesses make a positive contribution to the local community, and operate in a completely ethical and transparent manner.

All Plymouth Brethren are required to live a lifestyle that is compatible with Scriptural teaching, one which is based upon key principles of simplicity, humility, and charitable giving.  Plymouth Brethren assist each other to establish businesses and provide sustainable employment in full compliance with all legal obligations.

Plymouth Brethren businesses would typically be considered good corporate citizens.

3 thoughts on “Brethren Family Businesses”

  1. Sh says:

    I have worked for a company in Glasgow for a long time now and try are very good people to work for!

    Treated a million times better than your average employer?

  2. Harry says:

    I’ve worked for 2 brethrens people, both of them looked after me very well – I’d have no quibles in saying they are just great. They was very supportive and provided a fantastic, structured, secure place to work. Thanks brethrens! 😉

  3. Peterson says:

    It is common knowledge that small business is the backbone of the economies of many Western countries. It seems as though the Plymouth Brethren speciallize in small business (or maybe not always so small) and therefore must make a vital contribution to the economies of the countries in which they live.

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