Brethren and the Use of Computers the Facts

Brethren and the Use of Computers

A lot of people think the Plymouth Brethren are dead against computers, which isn’t true at all. In actual fact you will hardly find a Brethren business or home without computers.

What they are really against is pornography, so they only use computers and cell phones that have restricted internet access and this is so that their young people will be protected from online porn.

Porn is incredibly powerful and obsessive and one 16 year old described it as “like a parasite sucking away the rest of your life”.

Remember it takes only one or two clicks to get on to porn sites which may include hardline and violent porn with images which could scar a young person’s memory for life. And these may even be accessed by mistake.

The Brethren aren’t the only ones concerned to protect young people. Just look at these numbers:

  • 66% of parents are concerned about what a child may access on the internet and sexually explicit material is top of the list (OFCOM)
  • There are an estimated 250,000,000 pages of porn on the internet
  • 25% of all search engine requests are porn related
  • Internet porn generates an estimated $12 billion a year revenue

Can anyone really blame Brethren parents and employers for restricting online access to protect their children and young employees from harm?

Plymouth Brethren business computer

11 thoughts on “Brethren and the Use of Computers the Facts”

  1. George says:

    It sounds great. I’m worried about my family surfing the internet. As a non-brethren is there any way that I can use your system ?

  2. James says:

    Very interesting – in fact many religious communities go to great lengths to provide support for their members in respect of protection against the bad stuff on the internet. I have also heard non-brethren business owners speak with great admiration of the protection systems we have managed to make available to members who want it. They say they have found NOTHING on the commercial market that comes anywhere close to what we have in terms of functionality and professionalism!
    Well done the IT team who have worked so hard to provide such an incredible facility!! Keep up the good work!

  3. John NZ says:

    Good on the Brethren – stick to your guns on computer use…this world we live in is “morally corrupt” and porn sites and other objectionable sites should definitely not be accessed by children or teenagers who are “impressionable”!
    Good work out in the community as well!

  4. CurlyPuff says:

    Wow – This is awesome!! Very cool new look.

    Im sure all comments are strictly moderated though?

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks for the positive comments. Moderation is kept to a minimum.

  5. John says:

    Can’t blame you, and agree …
    But I heard computers and internet was not good at all, few years ago !,
    perhaps Satanic !! ??
    but you changed mind according business needing ? or ?

    Nice website, you improve your “look” in the world …
    congrats !!!

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      It is true that in the past, Brethren have appeared slow to embrace some new technologies, being wary of some of the social and moral disadvantages that misuse can bring.

      In recent years however, it has become possible to obtain protection for those who want it, allowing the safe operation of this technology.

  6. DavidT says:

    But didn’t you get special allowance to submit e.g. VAT returns as paper because you didn’t believe in using computers? Has that changed recently? Or was that a different group? I thought it was the exclusive brethren.

    1. Admin says:

      The Brethren commenced using computers in their businesses approximately five years ago and have been submitting on-line documents since that time.

  7. Joe says:

    Cant blame them,

    Any of us that have kids are worried about this.

    1. EN-TEE says:

      One of the many myths still perpetuated about the brethren is their ‘non-use’ of computers or the fact that they pay more for their computers.

      What price can you put on moral safety? You can’t!

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