A new Focus school campus on the horizon for September 2014!

A Brethren Education Trust has successfully purchased a building and site with the intention of transforming it into a school campus. The vision is to educate approximately 160 students in academic years 3 to 13, from the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas. The planning application for the campus was approved in July 2013.

Plymouth Brethren - Focus Education

The building and adjoining site, known as ‘The Oaks’, is located on Potton Road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. The entire site is approximately three acres or 12000m² and includes Oak Tree Farm house with a 700m² barn.  The original planning proposal included a large proportion of the house plot for the campus premises, with the barn allocated for use as a hall and additional classroom provision.

Plymouth Brethren - Focus Education

The accommodation in the main building measures approximately 1700m² and will provide classrooms as well as specialist rooms for Science, CDT, Cookery and Technology.  The site is being carefully designed so that there will be ample space for on-site PE and play areas; parking for staff, visitor and volunteers’ cars, and for the 12-seater minibuses used as student transport.

Plymouth Brethren - Focus Education

Main Entrance

David Stacey, of the Ermine Education Trust commented: “The new building will provide a state-of-the-art facility to replace the existing Focus school campuses in Barnet and Cheshunt. There will be many days of hard work over the coming months, but the site will be rejuvenated to become a busy and vibrant education establishment, where teachers and students will appreciate the excellent facilities that will be provided.


Plymouth Brethren - Focus Education

First Floor – West Wing

 The new campus will be known as the Focus Biggleswade Campus, and will be opening in September 2014.

Plymouth Brethren - Focus Education

First floor Main Hall

35 thoughts on “A new Focus school campus on the horizon for September 2014!”

  1. lola from year 4 says:

    great school

    i love iy

  2. Wow says:

    All finished now, looks amazing, kids love it
    Well done everyone who made this project come to such a fantastic completion.

  3. nice! says:

    Brilliant school you have there!
    Wish our school was like that.

  4. Fredfrog says:

    Look`s dudey to me
    look`s very big !
    think i might go there
    if that`s alright ?

  5. Leaving kid from Dunstable Campus says:

    Thinking of you lot staying in that old Dunstable Campus school!!!
    We are going to be so enthusiastic with modern gloss kitchen!!(NOT)
    What a wonderrrful palace it will be, With wonderful kids
    Hope no-one falls down those stairs though! just imagine it!
    Better stop making you gelous
    Lucky Person (Going to go to the oaks)

  6. Ser(call me sir) says:

    I can’t wait to get there. I’ll probably will get lost because it’s so big!
    We’ll have a bunch of enthusiastic kids( I’m 1 of them) &
    HAPPY Days

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