4×4 Transport for Nurses on Somerset Levels

On Wednesday 5th February, with rain and already severe flooding, many people were being evacuated from their homes on the Somerset Levels. But there were some who could not leave and required care and assistance from the Nursing staff of Somerset Care, who had to get there despite the wind, rain and flooding.

With many roads in the area impassable due to flooding, a 4×4 vehicle was needed to ferry the nurses to the homes of these elderly people. The Bridgwater RRT team were called at 3.30pm, asking if they could provide transport for two nurses.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

RRT Transporting nurses to homes cut off by the floods.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid relief TEam

Thank you Letter SCC April 14


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24 thoughts on “4×4 Transport for Nurses on Somerset Levels”

  1. says: says:

    they are vewy vewy bwave to get their landy wet

  2. Geezer says:


  3. Bob says:

    So brave!.Good thing RRT have Land Rovers

    1. bib says:

      yes. they are very bwave peoples to go in to the deep waters. they might have been washed away. good boys in the landy.

    2. Btz says:

      Would you be able to do that in your Volvo Steve??

  4. Waterfall says:

    Awesome !! great service … keep up the good work ! 🙂

  5. pebbles says:

    well done rrt. you are doing a grand job

    keep it up

    1. studebreaker says:

      yes we agree with you pleb. what a job they are doing.

  6. studebreaker says:

    wow. what a job. well done steve. we are so proud of you.

  7. From A Bridgy-ite says:

    Just wondering whether you could include a photo of the Dutch pumps at Dunball chucking out – they look very impressive. I know the PBCC didn’t install them, but may convey an idea of the vast quantity of water you have been helping out with, also there must be some more photos of the lads at work.

  8. Scout says:

    Seems like steve was the man of the day?!?!?!

  9. Barb Shedden says:

    Great job Steve!

  10. sumting says:

    I didn’t realise your RRT teams have 4×4’s – presume these are privately owned. I am amazed at your ingenuity, you seem to be able to turn your hand to anything. I can only hope there’s a team near where I live, kinda makes you feel quite comfortable knowing that there’s a bunch of dedicated volunteers ready to serve the public nearby.

  11. Shreddies! says:

    Wow Si and steve good job and nice 4×4 next time take your green110 coz its bullet prof and it should be water prof!!!

    1. Shreddies! says:

      Did your disco conk out or is it a bit like your boat!!!!!!!!?

    2. Nish says:

      Good to see you at the wheel Steve! 😉

    3. plebb says:

      yes. we agree with you on that. Steve did such a good job. Gave up all his spare time doing this for the people. We are so glad of him and his discovery 3 sd1.6ltr. well done I have gratitude in my heart for him.

  12. ChuckyDee says:

    Wow Steve – you really jumped in the deep end this time! Perhaps you’ll have to provide a Range Rover Autobiography next time for these brave nurses!

  13. B says:

    Way to go Steve!

  14. A45 says:

    What an incredible story!! …also a brilliant advert for Land Rover, RRT, and Bridgewater NHS!!

  15. B.A. says:

    Keep it up Stevie!

  16. Granny says:

    Wow! That depth of water looks scary to me, even for a 4 x 4.
    What a brave thing to do. Well done Bridgwater RRT, and the nurses who never give up on their patients.

    1. ... says:

      I agree

  17. Auntique says:

    Well done – good job the RRT is available so other valuable resources are not taken away from where they are needed for ferry service. What an ironically appropriate name – Bridgewater….

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