Yeovil PBCC bring parking relief for Yeovil District Hospital

Each year Yeovil District Hospital sees around 20,000 emergency admissions, 3,500 elective admissions, and 18,000 day cases.


More than 40,000 people attend the accident and emergency department each year, the maternity department delivers nearly 2,000 babies and the intensive care unit looks after many hundreds of people.

With around 2,200 staff, working to care for approximately 185,000 people in the Yeovil area, parking is a challenge for staff and visitors alike. In January 2016 works started on the construction of a new multi-storey carpark.  The new car park will offer around 650 spaces for patients, visitors and staff.

During the construction, large quantities of car park spaces have been temporarily lost and members of the PBCC became increasingly aware of parking issues at the Hospital.

One of their churches is in the immediate vicinity and suggestion was made that it could provide some additional temporary parking. The PBCC approached the YDH facilities team to offer parking assistance, particularly for the hospital staff.

Peak time demand for parking was during the working day and this matched the PBCC use of the hall, as it still enabled them to use it for evening meetings and the regular Gospel Preaching’s and Communion on Sunday’s.

Paul Mears (YDH Chief Executive Officer) and Militsa Pribetich-Gill (YDH Head of Ancillary Revenue) were very grateful for the generous offer of free use of the car parking facilities and how it will help minimise the impact on the staff, patients and visitors.