Village Hall Gets a Fresh Lick of Paint

Plymouth Brethren

Wolston Village Hall

When paintwork at the Wolston Village Hall was showing signs of wear and tear the Village Hall Committee decided to contact the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in nearby Binley Woods to see if they might be able to offer some help.

After a site visit to list all areas needing attention the project was willingly taken on by PBCC members from the Eastern Green area of Coventry who assembled a team of enthusiastic volunteers ready for the big day.

On Saturday April 12th preparation work started in earnest at 7:30am.

A team of eight worked through the day until 7pm by which time they had given the kitchen a thorough spring clean, successfully re-decorated all the gloss surfaces in the entrance hall, redecorated and thoroughly cleaned the toilet areas, touched up various areas of paintwork in the main hall and fitted a new door closer – all to the delight of the Village Hall Committee who were quick to express their appreciation. A spokesperson for the Committee stated “The saying actions speak louder than words is certainly reflected in the actions of the Brethren members and their support is much appreciated”.

Plymouth Brethren

Rubber gloves can be tricky…!

Plymouth Brethren

Painting the foyer

Plymouth Brethren

Freshening up the Toilets

Plymouth Brethren

Cleaning the canteen

Thanks Brethren

10 thoughts on “Village Hall Gets a Fresh Lick of Paint”

  1. little me says:

    Fair play on you all, giving up a Saturday to do cleaning and painting when I’m sure you would rather have been doing more interesting things!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent work! It’s always uplifting to work in a clean, freshly painted environment. Gives a good image to the government as well. Brilliant idea!

  3. Tommi says:

    Good stuff, though I do think you should have wallpapered it and perhaps retiled it while you’re at it…. – jus joking! fantastic job!! 🙂 f’u ever want another hand LMK!!

  4. Granny says:

    We’d all like our houses painted, but that’s not the point here. This is helping the community in an unselfish way. Very well done the Coventry team!

  5. just me says:

    HAHA good work – come and paint our house if your feeling entused…..?!

  6. someone messy says:

    could you do our house as well!!!!!!????

  7. Homesweethomes says:

    Go Jodie, Gaius & Lara!!

    1. Dopey says:

      I can see Charlie and Ricardo as well!!

  8. A45 says:

    Wow that looks like fun…. can we borrow them for our house!!!

  9. noname says:

    wow!! certainly looks fresher!!!! great work Brethren!!!!!

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