RRT supports Merchants Quay Ireland with a donation of Hygiene Packs May 2016

Merchants Quay Ireland is the largest non-profit drug service provider in Ireland.  Founded by the Franciscans in 1969, they are well established and have a proven track record in providing residential drug and alcohol treatment.  This national voluntary organisation provides a range of care and treatment services for homeless men and women and for drug users.

On 26th May 2016 RRT Dublin were gratefully received by Merchants Quay Ireland as we donated 100 Hygiene Packs to help aid in their cause to assist the many affected in this country.


Patrick of MQI was overwhelmed with our generosity, it certainly opened our eyes as to their ongoing pressure and needs. RRT Dublin is currently working closely with Merchants Quay on a strategy to assist in further events and programs they will be running.

Merchants Quay Ireland’s mission is to provide the stepping stones for every point of a man’s or woman’s journey out of homelessness and addiction.


2 thoughts on “RRT supports Merchants Quay Ireland with a donation of Hygiene Packs May 2016”

  1. Nola says:

    So much is done behind the scenes by volunteers that we don’t see until it is pointed out by blogs like this. Drugs are a scourge in all communities now and these centres are vital to give anyone a chance. RRT is a wonderful provision.

  2. Tom says:

    Well done RRT ! You all do a fantastic job.

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