RRT Support Crews Fighting Timber Fire, Norfolk

The Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service were called to a fire at a waste timber yard in North Runcton, near King’s Lynn, just before midday on Saturday 21st January 2017, to find around 40,000 cubic metres of waste timber alight.
Support was quickly called from other stations around Norfolk, including the water carrier from Fakenham, the high volume pump from Thetford and the control unit from Wymondham with an urban search and rescue lighting team. At the peak, 75 firefighters were on site, with more crews coming and going on rotating shifts from even further afield. Additionally, remote pumping stations were set up to pipe water 2.7km from a reservoir to the incident, with capacity to pump more than 3,000 litres per minute throughout the day and night, in what would prove to be a test of endurance in sub-zero temperatures.

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 2101201702 RRT Refreshments Saturday Night (2)4

Serving refreshments on Saturday night, as temperatures dipped below zero

Around 2pm on Saturday, Norfolk Fire and Rescue service requested the assistance of the local Rapid Relief Team (RRT) to provide refreshments. Within an hour, RRT were on the fire-ground providing hot refreshments until 8pm, a welcome sight for many firefighters who had worked several long, cold hours.

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 21012017016 Firefighter keeping watch3

Firefighter keeping watch as the waste timber burns

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 2101201703 RRT Refreshments Saturday Night (3)5

RRT Serving refreshments on Saturday night

RRT were back on site at 9am Sunday morning and served meals throughout the day until 7pm. In total well over 200 meals and 300 hot drinks were served to firefighters, which were very gratefully received.

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 2101201707 The scene early Sunday Morning (2)6

The scene early Sunday morning

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 21012017015 RRT Refreshments on Sunday (7)2

Serving Refreshments on the Sunday

Incident Commander Norman thanked the RRT for the “Absolutely fantastic service – extremely welcome and needed;” whilst another firefighter said, “From the heart, thank you very much for what you’ve done. Everyone is impressed with the quality of the food, the pleasant team who couldn’t help more, and great service with a smile!”
The local RRT team were glad to help and support the hard working crews, and provide sustenance and boost morale for the emergency services as they focused on protecting nearby property and expertly controlling the blaze.
The fire is expected to burn for several days. However, RRT stood down on Sunday night as just a smaller number of firemen will remain on site to monitor the fire.

Norfolk Timber Fire RRT Kings Lynn 21012017012 RRT Refreshments on Sunday (4)1

Firefighters were very glad of the chance to catch their breath and refresh their spirits!

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    What an amazing job done under such bad conditions keep it up

  2. Beryl says:

    Fantastic effort in such freezing weather, keep up the good work Beryl

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    My hat off to all who are so willing to work in the cold. We have the other extreme in Australia. Expecting 42degC on Friday and 43 on Saturday!! Bless you.

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